XNet – industrial storage, transmission system [1.18.2] [1.16.5] [1.15.2] [1.14.4] [1.12.2]

Mod XNet – automatic storage, transfer, filling, industrial storage system.


This mod is an advanced system for automatically moving things from chests, for filling tanks with water and for transmitting RF energy in industrial mods. You can easily and conveniently configure which blocks and items from the chest will go to other chests.

This mod will add several blocks, a controller, connection wires and connectors, with the help of connectors you can combine several chests and a controller into one network, each chest can be given a name and configured, whether it receives items or gives out, set up a blacklist, or white list, or simply specify blocks, or a family of blocks, indicate priority, and so on.

Similarly, you can automatically fill machines with materials to this network, and sort finished products into chests.
Also, these pipes have the ability to carry liquids (they work with tanks capable of accumulating liquids and machines that consume it).
And with the help of the same network, you can transmit RF energy.
The mod has an instruction in English, it also contains crafts, or look through JEI .


There is a wiki in English . Screenshots of the mod: Video in English, but everything is quite simple and clear:

How to install the mod:

  1. Install Forge
  2. Install all additional mods if indicated.
  3. Download mod and copy to .minecraft /mods
  4. Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.

Download mod XNet

1.10.2\1.11.2: xnet-1.5.0.jar [390.16 Kb]

1.12.2: xnet-1.12-1.8.2.jar [484.67 Kb]

1.14.4: xnet-1.14-1.8.7-alpha.jar [504.86 Kb]

1.15.2: xnet-1.15-2.1.14.jar [524.8 Kb]

1.16.5: xnet-1.16-3.0.16.jar [509.51 Kb]

1.18.1: xnet-1.18-4.0.4.jar [515.35 Kb]

1.18.2: xnet-1.18-4.0.5.jar [515.41 Kb]

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