Townscaper v1.02 – A fun and very creative hobby game “Shahrsaz” for Android
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Townscaper The name of a very admirable work of art and one of the most creative and at the same time most attractive mobile games created by the well-known and tasteful studio Ray Fury, the creator of well-made works such as Kingdom: New Lands  ,  Dandara  ,  Kathy Rain ,  Whispers Made and published by a Machine and Bad North . Townscaper, like other games from the Swedish game company, has been sold as a premium title on Google Play for $ 4.99. Farsroid for the first time in IranDecided to prepare this game and present the full and paid version of it to you in the form purchased, so that you can receive the exclusive and complete version of this game for free without having to pay any cost, and it is one of the most attractive mobile games. Experience. Townscaper game is offered in a casual style and has very interesting and remarkable features. The most important principle and nature of this game is its relaxation. This means that in this game there is not the slightest challenge, excitement or stress to achieve a specific goal. In this game, you can finally follow the game exactly as you want and experience one of the most attractive games in the hobby style. It is noteworthy that this game was first released for the Windows PC platform, and after a while, a special mobile version was ported to Android operating systems.


Townscaper _It is a very small but very interesting and well-made game that has been designed with a simple but very creative idea. In this game you have to start from scratch and build a city on the water! This may seem a bit complicated and specialized, but the important thing is that there is not the slightest specialization, complexity and challenge in this process. When you start the game, you will encounter a blue level. Touching anywhere on the screen creates a part of your city. By touching the areas that are covered with water, you create a part of the city surface, and if you tap the created parts again, a house will be built. By repeating this, you can make the houses bigger and expand your small town in the same way. In this game, there is no use of various items and you have access to a few simple things, the first and most important of which is a color palette with which you can choose the color you want to create new buildings in colors. Make your own. The second most important item available to you is the item to change the time of day from morning to night. Townscaper game graphics are very eye-catching and fancy, and 3D modeling with very good details makes this game mean relaxing and fun. In Townscaper, it is possible to change the view of the game completely 360 degrees, and you can subvert your city from any view you want. To do this, simply place your finger on the screen and move around to manage the game view. After building the city and at any time of the game, you can save the desired process and save it in the form of a code in the clipboard of the phone. This code can be loaded on any device from the settings section to apply the same changes to the new device. All in all, it can be said that Townscaper is undoubtedly one of the most special and creative mobile games that can develop your urban planning talent and keep you entertained for a long time. If you want to know more about the features of Townscaper, we recommend that you watch the introductory video of the trailer and its screenshot images, and then, if you wish, from the download box. OyunTakip Download this game as purchased and for free.