The Complex v1.5 Full – Adventure and interactive game “Laboratory of the series” for Android,
purchased and full version with the availability of all paid content,
tested with offline execution.

The Complex is the name of the second official game of the Wales Interactive studio, which is a free but limited game (demo) for Android devices and is available on Google Play. This game was presented for the Windows platform before it was released for the Android operating system, and after some time its ported version with the same features was released for Android devices. Mukhtar is the first turkey website that has prepared this beautiful and attractive game for you dear ones. It should be noted that the game is released as a free game on Google Play by default and players must purchase the full version from within the game to experience all parts of the game. But you can safely and without paying any fee get the full and paid version of this game for free and tested from  servers. The Complex game was created and designed following the model of other successful games that were released in exactly the same style, i.e. adventure-interactive style. In the following, we will introduce you to the story and process of this game. So, if you are interested in adventure and movie games, don’t miss this exciting title and continue with .



The Complex is released in a similar style as all adventure-interactive games that are often in the crime and thriller genre due to their nature. The story of the game follows in the city of London. A place where a biological attack has taken place and now after this horrible event, people are suffering from strange diseases. After this, two scientists find themselves imprisoned in a secret laboratory. One of these scientists is Dr. Amy Tenant, who along with her old friend find themselves in this place. They discover things related to the London biological attack. Now you have to follow the path of the story in the role of the main character of the game by interacting with other characters and making the right choices. The Complex game comes with 8 thought-provoking and different endings. This means that all your choices during the game can lead to a change in the story. Therefore, you should know that this game is suitable for those who are familiar with the English language to an acceptable extent. You have to choose the right option by looking at the dialogs and then comparing the choices. Every choice you make tells a new path, so be careful. The whole process of The Complex game is designed in the form of an attractive, exciting and criminal movie, and all its parts are filmed by real actors and scenes. This game has a large volume due to its interesting nature. If you want to learn more about this game, you can watch its introduction trailer video and then download the latest paid and complete version of this game for free from the download box section of oyuntakip