Tetra mod – tool improvements and changes [1.16.3] [1.15.2] [1.14.4] [1.12.2]

Mod Tetra mod – change and improve weapons and tools.


With the help of this mod, you can repair weapons and tools, as well as replace parts of these tools with others, this will allow you to change the properties of weapons and tools, which is quite interesting and useful. How to change a weapon or tool: First we create a wooden hammer, then it will be used on a regular workbench, it will turn into a special workbench.
Next, we put our hammer inside and we can replace the handle for it, as well as the upper and lower parts, for cool materials you should have another hammer in your inventory with the required level.
When you select a material, at the bottom of the crafting button it will be written – what level you need a tool to create, just improve the hammers, the coolest – 4 levels – from obsidian.
You can also select and change the type and type of tool on each side, you can make a hammer / ax, or an ax / pickaxe, moreover, of different composition.
However, while the mod is rather strange, the weapon implies the ability to change the guard and the decorative end of the handle, but apparently this functionality has not yet been implemented. In the same way, the possibility of choosing materials works strangely, somewhere you can use a diamond, but somewhere not, however the mod is being updated, the author will probably complete these and other possibilities.

The mod will also add a special belt, you can put a different amount of materials or tools inside, when you press V, a small content selection window will appear.

How to install the mod:

  1. Install Forge
  2. Install all additional mods if specified.
  3. Download mod and copy to .minecraft \ mods
  4. Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.

Download mod Tetra mod:

1.12.2: tetra-1.12.2-0.39.1.jar [2.41 Mb]
1.14.4: tetra-1.14.4-1.27.0.jar [1.36 Mb]
1.15.2: tetra-1.15.2-2.18.1.jar [1.98 Mb]
1.16.3: dungeons_gear – 2.0.0.jar [1.43 Mb]

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