Summer Catchers v1.5.0 – Adventure and fun game “Looking for summer” for Android
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Summer Catchers An interesting and entertaining adventure game from the famous and well-known Noodlecake Studios Inc, which offers popular games such as Island Delta,  SnowballPumped BMXChameleon RunFRAMEDWayward SoulsFarm PunksSuzy CubeGetting Over It with Bennett Foddy or Alto’s OdysseyIs. Summer Catchers, like many other games from this developer, is a paid game that was first released for the PC in 2019, and then after a while, a remastered version was released for the Android operating system, priced at $ 3.99 at Google Play was released for sale. Farsroid proudly announces that it reviews, prepares, and publishes the purchased and complete version of the game for free and tested so that your friends can easily get the paid version of this game for free without having to pay any fee. Download Farsroid. Summer Catchers presents a compelling story in the form of a minimalist game so that in addition to having fun, you can better understand the feeling and the creators of the game design style and context, and it must be said that in this regard, FaceIT Studio The main giver of the original version of this game has been able to achieve its goal to a great extent.



In the game, Summer Catchers You are in the role of a teenager who has lived and grown up in the North since birth. It has always been winter in this land and this has made this teenager have no idea about summer. But eventually, he decides one day to see and experience the summer season. To do this, he goes to a wolf whose job is to make wooden tools. This wolf helps him to achieve his dream of seeing summer. So the wolf builds a wooden car for him and tells the teenager that he has to go south to see the summer. Our protagonist accepts this adventurous journey and with the help of Mr. Greg, he embarks on this exciting journey. Now you have to play dangerous and therapy paths in the role of the main character of the game and move to the south. Each stage of the game is covered with all kinds of traps and you have to pass them without hurting yourself. Some of these traps are in the form of obstacles that you have to destroy and others are in the form of ground traps that you have to jump over. Your job in Summer Catchers will be the right timing and timely reactions. The game character automatically moves forward and you must react appropriately as soon as you reach the traps and obstacles. The game’s graphics are done with pixel designs and its modeling is two-dimensional. But the interesting thing that makes this graphic attractive is the possibility of running at 60 frames per second, because of which everything in the game is smooth and soft, and this issue will make a very pleasant experience for players. If you are interested in adventure and fun games, do not miss Summer Catchers, and now the latest official version is purchased from servers. Download oyuntakip Also, if you want to get fully acquainted with the graphics and gameplay features of the game, just watch the trailer video introducing the game.

Note: In the game mode version, your money is infinite – spend money to increase instead of decrease.

Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com. noodle cake. summer catches folder to the Android / OBB path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.