Minecraft: Story Mode 1.37 – Minecraft game: Android story mode + data Download

Minecraft: Story Mode v1.37 Unlocked – Super Minecraft game: Android story mode with data + trailer
4.0 out of 5.0 and priced at $ 4.99 on Google Play!
4 4 installation files and data to devices with different processor
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Minecraft: Story Mode A new and fantastic game in the style of adventure games from the famous gaming studio and well-known Telltale Games, creator of famous games such as Tales from the BorderlandsThe Walking Dead: Season TwoThe Wolf Among Us, and The Walking Dead: Season One is for Android devices, a few hours ago the Android version was priced at $ 4.99 It was released in the Play Store and, as always, for the first time, we have introduced it to you, the fans of different Android games, which will undoubtedly delight Minecraft fans! As you know, games called Minecraft, their environment is made up of small squares next to each other, from game characters to houses are all squares next to each other, and it brings you this lovely environment. To date, we have introduced various Minecraft games for Android, all of which have an action style, but now with Minecraft: Story Mode, you will experience a long adventure in the Minecraft world! This game is released in episodes and a new part of the game is available every once in a while.

Some features of Minecraft: Story Mode Android game:

  • Play in a lovely environment with Minecraft Design
  • The music and sound are really beautiful and exciting
  • Having a really beautiful and exciting story
  • HD graphics with exciting and different sound

In this game, you start a new adventure with your friends, an adventure that ends at the end of the world! Your team is a warrior, Red Stone engineer, Greifer, and architect, a team that destroyed the dragon. When things seem to be going well, you and your friends realize that a job is missing, something very upsetting is happening. Little by little, panic sets in, now you have to try to find Stone to save the world, whatever is resolved is not the end of the story, the next events are on the way, you have to go through the end of the world. This game is fantastic and features musicians such as Patten Oswalt (appearing in Ratatouille, The Shield Agents), Brian Pozin (Sarah Silverman, Mission Hill), Ashley Johnson (The Last Survivor, Borderland Tales), Scott Porter (Light Friday Night, X-Men), Martha Plymouth (Ganes, Hope Life Story), Dave Fenway (Batman: Known Arkham, The Walking Dead: The Game of Thrones Game Series), Corey Feldman (Ganiz, Stay With Me), Billy West (Futurama, The Adventure of Time) and Paul Ribbens (Theron: Uprising) are used! You move this story forward and make decisions in different moments, this is your story! We are in todayFarsroid For the first time among Iranian websites, we have introduced the game Minecraft: Story Mode, which you can download for free.

Remarkable dear friends:

– This version of the game; The full version with 5 chapters.

– In this version that we have placed, the chapters are opened and downloaded from inside the game.

Changes in version v1.37:

* Fixed the problem of the game not being logged into the Google Play Games account.





Instructions for installing and running Minecraft game: Story Mode:

Step 1: Download and install one of the following installation files according to your device processor:

Step 2: Download the data file according to your device’s processor and decompress it; Com.telltalegames folder Copy minecraft100 to Android / Obb path .

Step 3: Run the game!



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