Sport car 3 v1.03.034 + Mod – Car 3 car racing and racing game for Android
Normal version + Mod version [Infinite diamonds and gold] Tested separately
with offline performance

Sports car 3: Taxi & Police – drive simulatorThe name of a game in the racing genre published by SportCarGames game development studio for mobile devices with Android operating system. SportCarGames game development studio has already released other games such as Sport Car: Pro parking – Drive simulator 2019 and Sport Car: Pro drift – Drive simulator 2019 for gamers in the Android Market, and this game is in fact the third game in this game. Game Studio and the third game in the popular Sport Car series. If you are a fan of racing games, you have surely heard the names of great games like Asphalt or Need For Speed. The growth and development of the hardware power of mobile devices has caused many developers to try to show off their gaming capabilities with all kinds of racing games in the Android Market, and by presenting their glamorous games, Compete with great games like Asphalt and Need For Speed. You have definitely experienced many of these games to date. But have you ever tried the games of Iranian developers? Yes that’s right! SportCarGames is an Iranian game development studio that has been able to place in the professional league of this genre by presenting an attractive and entertaining Sport car collection and offer attractive and entertaining games for gamers. The newest game of this game studio, Sport car 3: Taxi & Police – drive simulator is also a very attractive, entertaining and unique game that has been specially designed for Iranians.



Sport car 3: Taxi & Police – drive simulatorIt has a completely Iranian atmosphere. The cars in this game are cars that you usually only see on the streets of Iran. These cars include Pride, Peugeot Pars, ‌ Peugeot Persia, Peugeot 206 and 207, Nissan pickup, Peykan, ‌ Xantia, Samand, and.. In addition, the excellent and advanced personalization part of the game allows you to personalize your car down to the smallest detail and design a fantastic sports car, like a nostalgic sports arrow for youth. In addition to various modes such as free driving, mission, car and police, and بازی, this game also has an online section and you can compete online with other gamers from around the world and play games. . Sport car 3: Taxi & Police – drive simulator pays great attention to detail in terms of appearance and graphics, and you can even see the reflection of light on the surface of your car. In addition to great graphics and unique features, this game is also technically perfect. The physics of the game leaves no room for words and the control of the car is simple with a few buttons on the gas and the steering wheel and the virtual joystick. The game runs smoothly and without any problems and the controls are completely responsive. For people who are so-called car lovers, the developers have also designed buttons such as horn, car door opening and closing, up and down lights, turn signals, and که, which is truly amazing in its own right. In general, in a word, it is impossible to be Iranian and not fall in love with this game. Sport car 3: Taxi & Police – drive simulator is one of the few Iranian games that is great and is an ideal game.Get a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 in the Android Market, and the oyuntakip teamintends to provide the original and modded versions without any restrictions in a tested and completely free way to you dear ones. You can now download this game through the direct links at the bottom of the article and enjoy it!

Changes in version v1.03.034:

* Various optimizations and game bug fixes.



Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. The folder to the Android / Obb path of the internal storage.

– Run the game and enjoy!