SORA Shaders – powerful and beautiful SORA shader [1.17.1] [1.16.5] [1.15.2] [1.12.2] [1.7.10]

SORA Shaders is a shader for Minecraft created on the basis of the popular, high-quality and productive project UMA shader, the author played with the settings and made a shader pack with his own vision, and it turned out to be quite beautiful and productive, similar to project UMA.

I liked SORA Shaders, it realizes a nice picture and beautiful water with reflections, no games with focusing, no annoying or too annoying effects, there are sun rays and dirty lens effects, but they are very neat and not intrusive. The pack has a fog-haze, it looks pretty cool at dawn or in the evening, but as for me, it is superfluous in the daytime, although it can be easily turned off in the shader settings.

The shader has pretty beautiful sunset and sunrise, it’s discreet too, and at night you get pretty strong lighting from the moon, sometimes even too strong. At the same time, the water becomes too transparent at night, which does not look natural. In general, the pack is quite interesting, it is definitely not bad to play vanilla with it, it has good performance.

Pros of the pack:

  • Good performance.
  • No annoying effects.
  • Beautiful sky, water, lighting.

Cons of the pack:

  • The nights are bright.
  • The water is too clear at night.
  • Incomprehensible fog, but it is easy to turn it off.
  • Not much performance difference between Lite and Ultra.

Game performance on my pc:

Computer: i7 4770k + gtx670. When playing with shaders, the main load falls on the video card, I have a GeForce GTX 760 2gb, you can compare the performance of your card with mine on the testing site . My card gains about 4800 points, find yours and if it collects, for example, 2400 points, then your FPS will probably be 2 times lower ..

  • Normal game: ~ 250 fps
  • Lite: 40-55 fps
  • Medium: 38-50 fps
  • Cinematic: 35-45 fps
  • Ultra: 35-45 fps


Comparison of versions

How to install the shader:

  1. Install Optifine
  2. Download shader
  3. Copy to .minecraft / shaderpacks
  4. If there is no shaderpacks folder, create it yourself.
  5. Most shaders have settings, the quality of the graphics changes there
  6. In the launcher, run the version of the game with optfine.


Download SORA Shaders

1.7.10 – 1.17.1+: Download (8.8Mb)

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