Slay the Spire v2.2.6 – Challenging card game “Deadly Tower” for Android
The purchased and full version of the game for $ 9.99 Dedicated to you
tested with offline execution

Slay the Spire – Deadly Tower The third official game from the American studio Humble Games, creator of the popular game Crying SunsFor Android devices. The studio only works on premium and paid games, and so far all the projects published by Humble Games have been paid games at relatively high prices. Slay the Spire is the first game in the series in 2021, which has been released for $ 9.99 on Google Play and is available for sale. Farsroid, as always, and after the necessary tests and reviews, has purchased the latest version of this game in its entirety and provided it for free download, so that you, dear ones, can easily and directly download this game from the servers. Download the site quickly and install it on your Android device for free and enjoy. Slay the Spire game is a complete card game that along with the standard features of all card style games, has interesting exclusive features that have made this game one of the top card games currently for Android phones and tablets. . So if you are a fan and enthusiast of card games, do not miss this game and then join us in introducing the final and purchased version of this game.



In Slay, the SpireThe story is about a legendary hero. In the role of this hero, you have an important mission, and that is to attack the enemy’s heart and destroy them because they are preparing to attack and destroy human lands. The main headquarters of the enemy is in a tall, conical tower called the Spire. Your goal is to penetrate this tower and destroy the creatures and monsters that are in this tower one after the other and go to the higher levels so that you can finally reach the main boss and destroy this tower by destroying him. Eliminate and neutralize the threat against humanity. The style of play is completely card game and its gameplay, like all similar games, is followed in turn. At the beginning of each stage of the game Slay the Spire, you will face one or more enemies and you must combine and manage the cards you have and the cards and items that you get during your missions in this tower. Bring a card to attack or defend. Depending on the amount of energy you have in each turn, you can use different cards. It depends on your tactics and strategies, how and what cards to use to deal with enemies. At first, the early stages may not be very difficult and challenging, but note that the further you go in the game, the more difficult the game will be and the more tactics will be needed. Slay the Spire game with interesting designs and beautiful visual effects can entertain card-style enthusiasts well. The game has so far, and less than a month after its release has managed to register up to 50,000 downloads (purchases) on Google Play in its name. To get the latest purchased and complete version of the game, just download the download links in the download box oyuntakip Act. Also, to get more familiar with the game, you can watch the trailer video to get acquainted with the style and context of the game.



Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com. humble.SlayTheSpire folder to the Android / OBB path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.