Shazam Encore v11.29.0-210603  Donated – Shazam app to find music with your Android device!
Rated 4.5 and priced at $ 6 with millions of purchases from Google Play

Shazam Encore is a great and popular software for finding music, which has been offered by Shazam Entertainment Limited studio and is at the top of the top and most popular music and video software with millions of purchases from Google Play ! Undoubtedly, it has happened to you that you listen to music in the parliament or in a group and you like it and you would like to have that music on your mobile phone, but we have a reason to ask who you do not have this music from. We offer the wonderful Shazam Encore application, with the help of which you can display the name of the music singer and his album in front of you in the easiest and fastest way! How Shazam Encore software works It is also easy so that you just need to run the program and play the music you want through the microphone or read the music text so that the program will be in its strong database in a few seconds and display the music information for you. .

Some features and capabilities of the Shazam Encore Android application:

  • Having an extremely strong database with support for Iranian music
  • The user interface is very easy and without any ambiguity and complexity
  • Ability to connect to Rdio to create a playlist of music
  • Ability to watch music videos through YouTube network
  • Easy sharing of user found music

Shazam Encore app is currently sold in the Android Market at a price of $ 5.99 and has a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 , which we at Oyuntakip  provide you with the latest version for free at the request of users ; Finally, it should be noted that Shazam Encore software requires an Internet connection to find music information and also works with the Internet of SIM cards.

Note: In the mod version, it is possible to use the program for Iranian users and log in to the account.