School of Dragons v3.18.0 – “Dragon School” role-playing and adventure game for Android
A popular, very beautiful, and fantastic role-playing game
tested with online performance

School of dragons interesting and interesting game from the American JumpStart Games studio, which has a special activity on making fantasy games from famous animated characters. In this article, we are going to introduce another project of this studio, and that is the Dragon School game, which is an official game for the famous animation series How to Train Your Dragon, which was made after the release of the first part of this animation. In more parts of this animation, this game was also updated and released with completely new content in completely new updates. In this game, just like the animations in this series, you have to go on an adventure in the role of the main character, Chief Hiccup, and his lovely dragon Toothless, and travel to different and unknown places. This game is a set of different parts in the form of role-playing, action, and adventure game. With the release of the third part of this animated series, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World In the new update of the School of Dragons game, we also see the addition of the adventures of this animation, and as we saw in the animation, in this game you can travel to the strange and mysterious land of The Hidden World and experience a fascinating and risky adventure. do. There are many threats and challenges in this adventure, the most important of which is facing enemies such as Grimmel and Stormheart.

Some features of the School of Dragons Android game:

  • Fancy and three-dimensional designs
  • Convenient graphics with great detail
  • Fun and engaging gameplay in a combination of action, adventure, and role-playing styles
  • Ability to manage a set full of dragons
  • Ability to find, rescue, and train more than 60 different dragons
  • Fly and travel on a risky and exciting adventure
  • Ability to customize dragons with skins and custom items
  • Existence of competition and competition with friends in more than 30 stages
  • There are over 400 different quests throughout the game
  • Ability to travel to more than 30 new and unique islands and lands
  • Numerous characterizations along with new characters from the How to Train Your Dragon animation series
  • Has a sub-section of strategy and score games called Dragon Tactics
  • Ability to discover and use hundreds of hidden and special items during the game

School of Dragons is one of the most popular role-playing games in the last few years, which was selected as the top RPG game in 80 countries and has held this position for a long time. The game has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play so far, and also managed to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 out of the votes of nearly 600,000 people. If you are a fan of the “How to Train Your Dragon” animated series, the Dragon School game can surely catch your eye. In this game, there are hundreds of different missions and sections that can entertain you for a long time. So download the latest official update of the Dragon School game for free and tested from OyunTakip right now.

Note: New versions of the game will not be hacked; If the mode is hacked, it will be added to the download box.