Sausage v1.6.8 + Mod – fascinating and entertaining arcade game “Sausage Wars” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (remove ads) individually
tested with offline execution

Sausage – Sausage Wars is the name of another Crazy lab by TabTale studio game for the Android operating system, which some time ago was one of its most famous and beloved games, Run Sausage RunWe had introduced in Farsroid and this time we intend to introduce another title with the same character in the game (sausage) from this manufacturer at your service and provide the latest update for free download. In Run Sausage Run, which registered more than 50 million downloads on Google Play and became one of the most popular arcade games in recent years, we met the interesting character of Sausage. A cartoon, fantasy and very humorous character who was introduced to the players in a fun and exciting gameplay and had to escape destruction. The game quickly received a lot of feedback and caused Crazy Labs to use the same theme again to build another game with the same elements. For this reason, the interesting game of Sausage Wars or Sausage, modeled on famous games such as,, and Dinosaur Rampage were produced and released. In Sausage Wars, you enter a battle between sausages that are now seen in various shapes and forms, and you must destroy other sausages for your own survival! The game is played by hitting or throwing other characters off the map or destroying them by throwing them into traps.



In Sausage Wars. which can be run completely offline, you have to take control of sausage and move your finger around the game character. All you have to do is bring your character closer to the other players in the environment. As soon as you get close enough, you have to tap on the screen so that the sausage hits the other players with a head injury! Each shot involves an injury and pushes the competitors in the direction from which the shot was fired. This means that you can hit the enemies to the desired point by successive hitting. During the game, there are all kinds of deadly traps and traps such as gears, acid pools, knives, and sharp edges, etc. that you can destroy by throwing and throwing rivals at them. ! You can also destroy enemies by throwing enemies from the edges of the map to the precipices. With each kill, you gain points and your main character gets bigger and stronger, but his speed decreases. In the end, the last person on the field and the other players killed will win! Sausage gameplay is simple but fun and challenging at the top. You have to go to different competitors in different places and get a new shape and icon by unlocking the skins. Sausage by has been tested and provided free of charge in two versions, regular and mod. It is noteworthy that this game has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play. Although the game’s designs are fantasy and humorous, the relatively violent and bloody scenes set the Sausage War game age rating for teens over 12 years old.