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RuLauncher  – a launcher for Minecraft games created by our team, is a high-quality free launcher with many options for customization and customization.
At the moment, this is the first open beta test of our launcher, now it only contains the basic functionality of the launcher, look, tries, writes your opinion or wishes.


Launcher appearance:

The main functional element is the bottom menu of the launcher, here you can see the Profiles system.
A useful feature for experienced gamers, you will be able to override the game folder, the launcher behavior when the game starts, set unique arguments, and the Java executable.

List of available versions:

We worked on a convenient list of versions, all versions are sorted in the  Releases  ,  Snapshots  ,  Beta  ,  Alpha  and  Other installed versions are marked with a white checkmark on any tab, you can show only installed version.

In the  Other  section you will find all third-party versions such as  Forge,  Optifine  ,  Liteloader  and others.


Automatic installation of MinecraftForge and Optifine of any available version:

Automatic installation of Minecraft forge of any available version has become available.


Automatic check for Java presence, its download, and connection:

Now, no matter if Java is installed on the computer, the launcher will check its presence and offer to automatically download the portable version of Java and start using it.


Licensed Minecraft support:

Implemented support for working with Mojang accounts, prepared for working with

Skins system support via

Now you can register on ely. by, authorize in the launcher like a license, change your skin and nickname on, everyone who plays through ely. by will see your skin.


Appearance customization:

You can customize the unique look of the launcher, change the color and background pictures.

It’s all?
Yes, at the moment this is all that is in the launcher, in fact, this is the main base of the launcher itself.
We need your opinion, as well as technical statistics on the work of the launcher. What will happen next? Everything else is a secret.

Initial release.


  • Added version installer with Minecraft Forge .
  • Added the ability to change the launcher folder via the –override-launcher-directory argument.
  • Added an icon for the executable file.
  • Updater: added self-update.
  • Updater: now updating the updater to run the launcher is optional.


  • Changed the protocol from HTTPS to HTTP in checking the Internet connection.
  • Updater: changed the method of checking the running application (now the check goes by process ID).
  • Updater: the warning about running copies of the launcher can now be ignored.
  • Updater: Added the ability to set arguments via a file.
  • Updater: Fixed a bug when there was Cyrillic in the path to the folder with the updater.
You can set the arguments by creating a runtime_configuration.json file next to the updater executable file or in the % launcher working directory% / configs/folder.File structure:

      "name": "аргумент",
      "value": "опциональное значение"

So, for example, the content

    "name": "--override-working-directory",
    "value": "C:/test/"
    "name": "--ignore-profile-changes"

will pass the following parameters to the launcher:

--override-working-directory "C:/test/" --ignore-profile-changes

This will reassign the main Minecraft folder to an arbitrary one.


  • Added support for portable Java downloaded via Updater.
  • Added technical argument –override-default-java-path through which Updater overrides the path to the default Java environment.
  • Added saving of nickname.
  • Added file dialog for choosing isp. Java file.
  • Added a dialog for choosing a working directory.
  • Added console formatting for more visual display of logs.
  • Added error handling (not all) of the launcher when starting the game with the ability to restart the launcher as administrator.
  • Fixed saving the default working directory parameter.
  • Fixed incorrect display of the selected settings in the profile settings.
  • Fixed a situation where the working folder of the game ignored the profile settings.
  • Fixed saving the list of profiles.
  • Fixed the launch of the game when the paths to the working directory, resources or natives contained Cyrillic with spaces.
  • Fixed determination of the amount of RAM on some systems.
  • Updater: Added the ability to install a portable Java environment if it is not in the system.
  • Updater: fixed the automatic update script on some systems.
  • Updater: the updated appearance of dialogs.


  • Updated the design of the launcher.
  • The launcher now loads the missing Minecraft Forge files on the fly .
  • Removed downloading libraries when installing Minecraft Forge .
  • Added the ability to cancel the launch of the game.
  • The item with the choice of language is now hidden due to temporary uselessness.
  • Changed the text next to the “Delayed launcher update” checkbox in the settings.


  • Updated mod installation UI.
  • Added support for installing Optifine.
  • Added the ability to delete versions.
  • Added news support.
  • Added a small hack that fixes an incorrect hash sum error when launching modified versions.


  • Added authentication for Mojang accounts.
  • Slightly changed the text in the block for future ad servers.
  • Made the news division in the launcher, now there is a “Home” with the main news, and more complete news on the game and on the launcher.
  • Fixed several issues and bugs.


  • Added authentication for Ely. by accounts.
  • Added the ability to skip resource check.
  • Added the ability to skip checking JAR file versions.
  • Added support for configuring the visibility of the launcher.
  • Added commands for quickly navigating to folders.
  • The settings panel has been slightly redesigned.
  • If you run the launcher with the –help argument, a list of all available arguments will be displayed.
  • Many bugs have been fixed.


  • Added the ability to customize the appearance, color, background pictures.
  • Improved fabric.
  • The updater has been updated, now it can notify you about the need to install the .net Framework.
  • In previous updates, the Forge installation system was reworked.
  • Previous updates added support for installing Forge for 1.13.2.
  • Many bugs have been fixed to improve overall stability.

The result of checking the file on

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