Minecraft RuBeta – Tube server on Beta 1.7.3

So what is it? Ruleta is a vanilla Minecraft server running on version Beta 1.7.3. The server began its existence in 2017 and is still alive. The purpose of the server is to provide an opportunity for people to enjoy and perhaps understand how it was – before, in 2011.

One of the most important things that you will find on it is a really nice and friendly community that is ready to help you with resources or a home. Along with this, you will also get a lamp and atmospheric environment, which, unfortunately, you will not see everywhere now. Throughout the map, wherever you go, you will definitely find some kind of building, and with it – a piece of history. New features and features are periodically added to the server, and most of them are self-written.

We also have our own wiki. On it you can learn about the history of the server, about its features, cities, study plugins, players in detail, and about events, which are also quite interesting to read.

For a comfortable game, it is advisable to download our self-written launcher, since it contains many useful things: autologin, a couple of mods, a crack, fixes, chips from new versions, and much more.

Some of the features of the server

  • Having stores and your own economy, which makes trading easier
  • Balanced privileges, without any admin panels for 5p with bans, etc.
  • Presence of the mini-game SurvivalGames (similarity to UHC) and SnowballFight
  • Sitting on the steps (can be turned off, for example, when building)
  • Cool dimensions are added periodically. (For example Wint

Some screenshots 

Our server site: rubeta.net
Server ip: mc.rubeta.net

Good luck and a pleasant game on the server!

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