REAL RACING NEXT v1.0.174469 – Highly graphic racing game “Rail Racing Next” for Android
Another game from the proud and popular Real Racing series from the big company EA
tested with offline performance

REAL RACING NEXT – Real Racing Next (Real Racing) is a new version of the Real Racing masterpiece game series, which was made a long time ago, 8 years after the release of the last episode, Real Racing 3 , and was released in news silence. Of course, there were several rumors before the release of this game, but none of them knew the exact name and features of the new generation Real Racing game. The game was finally released as REAL RACING NEXT in September 2021 for Android phones and tablets and was made available as a test title. Farsroid, as always and at the same time with the release of this version, has prepared and reviewed it exclusively and for the first time among all Iranian sitesHas published a tested version for you dear ones. If you are familiar with the most famous mobile games in the style of racing and car racing, you must know that the main competitors in this style of games are two different franchises from two different companies, one of which is the popular Asphalt game series and the other It is also a series of well-made Real Racing games. The rivalry between the two, especially Real Racing 3 , Asphalt 8 and Asphalt 9, is an attractive competition that in recent years has made these games topped the table of the most popular machine and racing games. With the release of Asphalt 9, Gameloft followed the trend of attracting its audience along with providing numerous updates for Asphalt 8, and this issue made many viewers think that EAIt has stopped competing, but now we see that with the presentation of a different and attractive new generation game from the Real Racing series, the company has returned to this exciting competition. With the release of another game from the Real Racing game series, the competition between these franchises has become closer and tougher.

Some features of REAL RACING NEXT Android game:

  • Use the new generation game engine
  • Masterpiece and exemplary graphics at the level of console games
  • Unique and abundant environmental details such as natural lighting and shading
  • Realistic designs and modeling
  • Super attractive and well-built gameplay in the style of car racing simulator
  • Ability to run at rates above 60 frames per second on powerful processors
  • Existence of sports and racing cars from real brands such as McLaren, Porsche, Chevrolet, Ford, etc.
  • Different maps and different routes
  • Different weather conditions
  • Ability to drive from several different views
  • Ability to change the gameplay mode in two modes Tilt and Touch
  • Existence of various competitions and tournaments
  • Ability to play offline

REAL RACING NEXT is seriously one of the most graphical games offered for smartphones and tablets today, and it can be considered the most graphic game in the history of mobile in the style of racing and car riding. The company EA for the production and release of this game will take a long time to be just like the previous game, the Real Racing 3, which in turn was a masterpiece, play REAL RACING NEXT also offer the same level. This game has even more attractive features compared to Rail Racing 3, due to which this game can be considered the most evolved game from this series until its release. In the following, you can see the screenshots of the game from the pictures section, and then download this game for free from the OyunTakip download box section.

Early Access version installation tutorial:

  1. The game is available in APKs format – Install the Z Archive file manager and select the installation file from within it and install it with one touch.
  2. In the first run, you must enter the game with American IP. If you log in with other IPs, you will encounter a connection error.
  3. After entering the next section, the required data, which has a volume of nearly 900 MB, must be received. In this section, you can close the game, return your IP to normal and re-enter the game because you do not need to change the IP to download data.
  4. Wait for the data to be received through the game itself, and then you can disconnect your internet and play the game offline.
  5. Some parts of the game may require an internet reconnection.
  6. Note that the game is released in the trial phase and there is a possibility of non-installation, sudden closure and other disruptions.
  7. The game only runs on 64-bit devices (arm64-v8a).
  8. For a complete and flawless gaming experience, we recommend that you do not install it on mid-range and weak devices.