PUBG 2020 Free Chest Receiving Cheat and Royale Pass Hack

In PUGB, whose number of games is increasing rapidly in online environments, players have started to research about the methods of obtaining free royale passes in order to have different qualities against their opponents by increasing their power. PUBG Royala Pass ; It is a system that allows players to win different rewards as a result of completing their tasks during the event and season. In this article, we will give information about the tactics of winning free pubg prizes .

How to Get Free PUBG Royale Pass?

There are different ways to win an elite royal pass in the pubg game . Among these methods, generally preferred is; It is the download of the Daily giveaway application to mobile phones. In this application that works on Android and IOS based devices, after completing the installation process, register the user name and the e-mail address of the user name in the system and click on the ” Elite Royale Pass Season ” text from the lottery tab on the home page

Then click on the “Join” tab at the bottom of the “Elite Royale Pass Season” to get the opportunity to win a Royale Pass by participating in the lottery. Again, it offers the opportunity to win free royale passes in different applications similar to this application.

Pubg Royale Pass Receive Free as a Gift

Apart from this method, pubg players can also present their Royale Pass features to other pugb games. Here, the mobile gift method is used when sending to another user. With this tactic, the most important thing you should pay attention to while gaining the free royale pass feature is that the application you use is reliable.

PUBG Free Chest Cheat

When using free chest cheat applications in the Pubg game, attention should be paid to sites and applications that act in an aggressive manner. Your account may be stolen due to sites created for attacks, as well as malicious software infecting your computer and mobile device and harming you, the players. For this reason, it is very important for your safety to choose sites and applications that are reliable and approved with comments.

You can also use the UC cheat to produce UC in order to get the Elite Royale Pass feature, which is specially developed for the seasons. At this point, you should be very careful not to get stuck in the anti-cheat system of the game management while making the process of winning the free PUBG UC cheat. If you are caught in the anti-cheat system, your game account may be banned. 

PUBG Case Opening Cheat

Another different method you can use to open chests in PUBG game is to click on the moon sign on the top left in the background on the page that appears after you log in to the royale pass section. After continuously clicking, the player will make different actions and as a result, the case will be opened for free. Thus, you can win different gifts from the chest.

Winning PUBG Free Royale Pass and Chests

There are multiple different ways to get a free royale pass and win chests in the pubg game . Among these, again, one of the easiest methods is to connect to the game from Taiwan server using VPN.

When you connect via Taiwan server, you will have the opportunity to win gifts directly. Of course, it is very important to get a secure VPN application before doing all this. You can easily find paid or free versions of VPN applications on the internet. 

Now let’s talk about how and what you gain when connecting via VPN by following the steps below.

  • First of all, when you connect to the game with the VPN application, you will see that a new message notification welcomes you in the message section.
  • When you click on the message, you will be given 130 silver pieces, 50 cash coupons and 25 chests as a gift

About PUBG Gift Crate Codes

PUBG games are constantly in a quest to increase their effectiveness in the game and to be superior to their competitors with different features. Undoubtedly, the most important of these searches are the cheats and gift box codes they try to obtain for free. In order to receive the crates given to the players by the game, gift coupons given to the players on a regular basis may be preferred.

Gift boxes are notified to PUBG players by message, and players must follow this regularly. You can easily buy and use the gift chests in the message box reported by PUBG by clicking on the message.

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PUBG Players Attention Free Chest Cheat

There are also activities on the Internet that harm players by infecting players or stealing their accounts under the free chest trick. To avoid such grievances, choose reliable sources.

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