Prankster 3D v5.4.1 + Mod – funny and very interesting game “prank with the teacher” for Android
normal version + mod version (infinite rewards) separately
tested with offline execution

Prankster 3D – Prank with the teacher is another game from the creative studio Z & K Games of Pakistan, which developed after the successful games of this studio such as Scary Butcher 3D , Scary Child , Scary Robber Home Clash , Scary Stranger 3D and Scary Teacher 3D . A rather different style is published. This time we decided to be the first Iranian websiteOn the web, we provide you with another game of this studio in a tested and free form, and present its latest official version along with a modded version so that you can download this game with just one click. and install it on your Android device. Prankster 3D game can be seen as a sequel to Scary Teacher 3D game. In the Scary Teacher 3D game, the story was about a teacher who had an angry and serious face and bad behavior. He punished his students in bad ways and did things to make him look more like a monster than a teacher, and that’s why his students nicknamed him the scary teacher. In the scary teacher game, you were in the role of one of the students of this teacher who was trying to escape from him and annoy him as much as he can. Now the story is told in a different way in Prankster 3D.

At Prankster 3DThe story is about the same teacher named Miss. T is known. Now he has become the private tutor of a new student who is a boy and again his evil behavior and actions have caused his student to suffer. He only bothers his students when he is alone with them and that’s why no one listens to them. In Prankster 3D you play the role of a boy named Nick. Nick decides to teach the creepy teacher a math lesson, so he goes to her house and secretly wreaks havoc. The game process is designed in such a way that you simply choose the desired option from among the various options so that the flow of the game follows your decisions. Do not forget that these choices may not be very correct and Miss. T find you! Therefore, it is better to think a little before making a decision. Of course, it should be said that the options are chosen with English words and therefore you should be familiar with English words. By choosing either option, Nick wreaks the same havoc. This time the game is followed from the front view and has a more casual style than the previous games. Prankster 3D game can entertain you with interesting features, funny events and creative ideas. So don’t delay and get the latest version of this game for free in normal form or mod Download the password. If you want to know more about the style and style of the game, you can see the pictures or video of the game introduction trailer.

Note: In the mod version of the game, you get unlimited bonuses without seeing ads.