Portal Gun Fabric – portal gun, portal gun [1.16.5]

Mod Portal Gun Fabric – adds a portal to the push of their game portal, it can open 2 portals with an instant transition from one to another, as in the famous game. The mod allows you not only to have fun but also to use it in a practical sense, leaving one portal at the base, you can quickly get to the base from anywhere in the world through the second portal.

I was very surprised why no one is trying to create an analog of the Portal Gun mod on newer versions of the game, and finally, it happened, although so far the mod is only available as an add-on for Immersive Portals and only works on the Fabric loader.

The cannon works very well and realistically, you see a view from another portal when you enter the portal, your speed is taken into account, you are automatically deployed taking into account gravity when you exit the portal, the transition, and the portals themselves work without lags. If the portals are far from each other, then small lags are noticeable, just as if you have not used the portal gun for a long time, then it takes a little time to restore the portal. (to load the world at the other end of the portal.)

How to install the mod:

  1. Install Fabric
  2. Install the Fabric API
  3. Install Immersive Portals
  4. Install all additional mods if specified.
  5. Download the mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
  6. Launch the factory version of the game in the launcher.


Download Portal Gun Fabric mod


1.5.2-1.12.2: portal gun
1.16.5: portalgun-1.1.3-mc1.16.5-fabric.jar [2.31 Mb]

for Fabric + install Fabric API and Immersive Portals

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