Patrix HD – photorealistic, medieval texture pack [1.16.5] [1.15.2] [32x] [128x] [256x]

The Matrix HD texture pack is definitely one of the most interesting and extremely cool projects for Minecraft. This is a photorealistic pack with incredible nature, volumetric textures, correct reflections, combined, and various textures. Unlike many similar packs, Patrix has a more than playable free version.

Textures Patrix is ​​another paid texture pack that changes Minecraft so much that it’s hard to believe, the pack has not just realistic block textures, it has many auxiliary textures that make the game blocks volumetric, this is achieved through additional textures and due to POM-compatible shaders.

Nature should be separately noted, perhaps this is one of the most realistic implementations for grass and foliage. Most biomes now have dense grass cover, beautiful plants, and voluminous foliage around trees. Of course, the pack contains a lot of cool things, reflection maps, surface roughness (PBR) maps, combined textures.

The pack has a free version of textures with a resolution of 32×32, and it looks great, you can play with it with or without shaders, of course, there is not enough detail, but the requirements for your computer are not so great. The pack also has paid versions with a resolution of 128x and 256x, you can buy them by tapping the author of the pack on his Patreon… Keep in mind that to work with the pack with the recommended shader in 256x resolution you will need an incredibly powerful computer, if you could afford it, then buying a texture pack is not a big problem for you.

Requirements and recommendations:

The pack is being developed and focused on the shader – SEUS PTGI , but, of course, they will work with other shaders, or even without them.

For the 32x version to work, ~ 3 Gb of RAM will be required, for the 128x + shader the game ate 17-18Gb, and the 256x version did not start at 24gb, obviously 30+ gb will be required.

When playing with SEUS PTGI HRR 2.1, it is recommended to set the following settings:

  • Quality – Texture Fusion – Detailed
  • Quality – Free Textures – Off
  • Advanced – Alternative blocks
  • Performance – Smart Animations – ON

    PTGI Shader Settings:

  • PTGI Shader – Settings – Raytracing Options> Full Raytrace Reflections “- On
  • Shader PTGI – settings – set the resolution of your texture pack.
  • It is advisable to replace inside the archive with the shader with a similar file adapted by the author of the texture pack.



How to install a texture pack:

  1. Install the latest version of Optifine
  2. Download all files for the required version of the game.
  3. If your computer allows, download and activate the SEUS PTGI HRR 2.1 shader
  4. For the PTGI shader, download the file, you need to place it in the shader \ shaders archive (there is the same file, replace it)
  5. Copy all resource pack files to .minecraft / resource pack
  6. Find “Resource Packs” in the game settings and activate all the packs.
  7. If you don’t like dark grass (without shader), then don’t activate the Patrix_1.16_models pack.


Download the Patrix HD resource pack:


1.15.2 \ 1.16.5:
For shader PTGI HRR 2.1: [16,53 Kb]

Addon 32x: Download from the site (6.4Mb)

addition, improvement of biomes

Bonus 32x: Download from the site (2Mb)

Another improvement for biomes

Models 32x: Download from site (0.1Mb)

3D objects, additional foliage

Base 32x: Download from the site (42Mb)

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