ONE PIECE BON! BON! JOURNEY! v1.15.0 – A fun and puzzle game “Bon Bon Adventurous Journey” for Android
a puzzle title – a popular and fun pastime
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ONE PIECE BON! BON! JOURNEY – The adventurous journey of Bon Bon is a simple, interesting and fun game from the big and famous game company BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Developer of popular games such as   Chroma Squad  ,  Galaga Wars ,  PAC-MAN  ,  Ultimate Ninja Blazing  ,  Ridge Racer Draw And Drift  ,  NARUTO X BORUTO , Sword Art Online: Integral Factor and the revolutionary game TEKKEN Which, like other games of this manufacturer, has been released for free for the Android operating system. BANDAI NAMCO has a special interest in anime and Japanese art in general, and has used various characters from the Japanese art collection in many of the games it has developed so far. One Piece game series with other versions including One Piece Treasure CruiseWe also offered in Farsroid, one of the most popular and famous collections of this Japanese game company, which was a cartoon and anime collection before it wanted to enter the world of video and mobile games. The popularity of such anime in Japan led the Namco gang to buy shares of the artwork and bring it to the world of video games. Although it may seem that such titles are not attractive among players other than East Asian players, but contrary to this claim, it should be said that in recent years, many fans from Western countries and even the Middle East have come to these games, including Iranian players. This is not a small issue.


Play ONE PIECE BON! BON! JOURNEYAs a different game from the One Piece game series, it is here to compete with similar puzzle and jigsaw puzzle games. The main focus and style of gameplay ONE PIECE BON! BON! JOURNEY is a Match 3 Puzzle style game. But this time, unlike the common games in this genre, we are facing a different title. While almost all Jigsaw Puzzle games have a fantasy and relaxing feel to it, the adventurous Bon Boon travel game is all action-packed in nature. In this game, you once again go to the famous world of One Piece and travel with lovely characters called Bonbons and go on a dangerous and unknown adventure. There is a big and dangerous enemy in this game that you have to overcome. In order to defeat him, you have to get help from the heroes of Bonbons and give the heroes the power to attack the enemy by doing 3 jigsaw puzzles. In fact, the whole game consists of Match 3 puzzle stages, in which your main task is to put similar items together horizontally or vertically. During the game, it is also possible to use special forces and special items to make the game process more dynamic and exciting than a simple puzzle game. To get the latest version of this game, you can now go to the download center oyuntakip Go to the end of this article and download this game from the fast servers of the site.

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