Ninja tobu v1.9.9 + Mod – an interesting and fun ninja jumping game for Android,
normal version + mod version with the mentioned features,
tested by running offline

Ninja tobu – popular and fun ninja jump game in the style of action games from the game studio Cerebral Fix for Android devices.It is offered for free in Google’s large market and has been received more than a million times by Android users around the world and is considered one of the most popular action games! In this game, you play the role of a lovely ninja and you have to climb two flat walls and destroy your enemies along the way! Due to the speed of movement, you must be very careful to throw your ninja to the wall in time, and if you see enemies, you must land on their heads while jumping so that they are also destroyed; You have to do this continuously to succeed in setting new records! The excellent touch controllers of the game allow you to move to the left and right, and you will be lost in the simple design of the game at the first glance! Fly on your way so that in addition to climbing and moving forward, you can also destroy enemies and experience one of the most beautiful action games! If you are interested in different and special Android games that will catch your attention, Ninja Tobu is definitely the right option to choose! In the initial implementationNinja Tobo Android game, you can choose one of two male and female characters and enter the game world! After choosing the character of the game, you will be placed between two vertical walls, where there are a huge range of obstacles and different enemies, and you have to climb these walls and set a record so that no one can record your record! We talked about different enemies in the game, and to understand the diversity of the enemies, we must say that there are some sword-wielding samurai in the game who monitor the surroundings with strong flashlights, and you have to use different methods to defeat them. Get through safely and climb the right wall up and up.

Some features of Ninja tobu Android action game:

  • Possibility to choose from two male and female characters at the beginning of the game!
  • The presence of various ninja characters to be unlocked by the player!
  • Facing a huge range of enemies like sword-wielding samurai!
  • Go through a huge range of obstacles and challenges like chasing blades!
  • Having a challenge section to learn and become a professional in the game!
  • Having a shop to buy items, powers, skills and more!
  • The use of extraordinary music effects in the making of the game !
  • Artistic design of the game environment with many details and wonderful coloring!
  • Regular updates with new features added to the game!

The Ninja tobu game now has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 in the Play Store , and we have introduced the newest and latest version of it along with the presence mode for you, action game lovers, and we hope you will like it! The general features of the game include simple and excellent design, exciting voice acting, addictive gameplay, simple controllers, numerous enemies, diverse locations and excellent construction! You can first see pictures of the gameplay and then, if you wish, download the update and the latest version of the game from the high-speed servers of oyuntakip.