NBA 2K Mobile Basketball v2.20.0.5964969 – The game “NBA 2K Mobile Basketball” for Android is
a mobile and optimized version of the NBA 2K game series with exemplary graphics
tested online.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball – NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is a remake and optimized version of the NBA 2K game series that coincides with the release of NBA 2K20Developed and released as a free game for Android phones and tablets. Reputable 2K, Inc., which is famous for making sports games, especially official sports games such as basketball, with the production and release of NBA 2K Mobile Basketball game, in fact, has tried to make an optimized game from the original version to its final volume. Do not decrease. Unlike the main series games, the focus of NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is on the cards section, but other than that, you can participate directly in the basketball competitions and manage your team. It should be said that these two parts are completely separate and have their own characteristics. In the cards section, you can unlock famous NBA players and add them to your team, thus forming an exclusive team. But in the competitions section, you can experience the game in real-time and go to PvP competitions with real players online and experience the most exciting internet basketball game on your Android device! Although the final size of this game is just over 1 GB, it still has a volume of almost one third of the games in the main series, and this makes this game a much better choice for many people.

Some features of NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Android game:

  • Detailed HD graphics with exemplary modeling and design similar to the graphics of console games
  • Realistic and natural gameplay and very fun and exciting
  • Professional basketball simulation
  • There are more than 400 different cards from famous NBA players and the possibility of buying them
  • Ability to build, manage and expand an exclusive team with different players
  • Existence of legendary old and retired players along with new and young players
  • Has a super exciting PvP section to play online in online two-player competitions
  • Award daily prizes and numerous achievements by winning competitions
  • Show interesting cutscenes after scoring goals or other events
  • Extremely realistic and natural sounds
  • There are a variety of stadiums and playgrounds
  • Existence of various competitions such as leagues, tournaments, etc.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is without a doubt one of the most graphical sports games released to date for smartphones. This game, unlike the style of the main series in which the camera view is from a distance, the view is from a close distance, and this issue causes the graphic details of the game to be displayed much more. For this reason, it can be said that even the overall graphics of the NBA 2K Mobile Basketball game are a little better overall than the original games. oyuntakip has prepared this very attractive game for fans of sports games, especially basketball, so that they can download the latest version of this game as a test from the site. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball has recorded 500,000 downloads in just one week, and its current score is 4.4 out of 5.0 .

important points :

 To run the game properly, your device must have at least one 64-bit octa-core CPU, 4 GB of RAM and Android 8.0
– The game is installed only on ARM64 devices
– The game is online and to run it, the device must be connected to the Internet . If you could not log in, you may need to change the IP
 there is no modded version for this game. Please refrain from asking questions about this.