My Little Pony 6.7.1a – My Little Pony game Gameloft Android + mod Download

My Little Pony v6.7.1a + Mod – Exciting and fun game “My Little Pony” Android Product from Gimloft
Normal version + Mod version separately

MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess in Persian (little horse I) New and extremely beautiful with stunning graphics and amazing made by the company famous Loft for Android OS that has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 , and more From 5 million downloads in the Play Store, it is one of the most popular and top adventure fantasy games! In this wonderful game you are in the role of a lovely horse, the horse that is the main character of the game! You will experience a new, exciting and completely different adventure by playing the role of a lovely horse. This game with the message “The sphere of the moon has been hidden from view for centuries and you must end this nightmare! Only you can travel to the moon with this amazing horse and save it from the hands of Pony ville (conqueror of the moon) so that the light of the moon shines on the earth again and the wishes of many years of people come true! ” In this very exciting game you have to go with your little horses to fight the animals that do anything to conquer the village. You also manage the village and by expanding your village, you can have more horses and entertain yourself for hours. The game’s stunning graphics, professional sound quality and lovely and engaging animations all go hand in hand to make the bestBring a fantasy adventure game to your Android phone.

Some features of My Little Pony Android game:

  • There are 6 main horse characters in the game along with a small dinosaur
  • Having stunning colorful graphics and beautiful cartoons
  • Lots of mini-games and the possibility of accessing the cartoon section and interesting sounds
  • Collect fruits and coins along the way to unlock new items
  • Play in very amazing and real places and environments
  • Interact with friends and experience the best fantasy adventure game

The very beautiful game My Little Pony, like other Gameloft games, has been released for free, and we at Farsroid provide the latest version of it along with the mod installation file for you, regular users, who can download it with one click. do ; Finally, the above game is one of the most popular games for girls, which has been downloaded more than a few million times by Android users around the world from Google Play and managed to get a score of 4.3.

  • Changes in version 6.7.1a

    • Try out two new pony stories! Brand-new Nightmare Six and intergalactic Cyber ​​Ponies are already here.
    • WHAT’S NEW
    • THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE HEARTH’S WARMING: Trixie Lulamoon unintentionally turned her friends into Nightmare ponies. Help Mane Six to become themselves again and return to their normal lives!
    • RISE OF THE CYBER PONIES: Robo-ponies are incoming and Fluttershy needs your help to stop them! The distant future of everypony depends on this task.

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