My Diggy Dog 2 v1.4.12 + Mod – fun, and arcade game “My Diggy Dog 2” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money) individually
tested with offline run

My Diggy Dog 2 – The name of the second game in the My Diggy Dog series was made and produced for the popularity and fame of the first part. This game, like the first part, was developed by the Russian studio King Bird Games and has been released for free on Google Play for the Android operating system. At your request, dear ones, this time, at the same time with the release of the second part of this series of games on Google Play, we prepared it and released it with a modded version in Farsroid for download. My Diggy Dog 2 is a kind of sequel to the first part. In this game, you are still in the role of the main characters, especially the adventure dog of this story. Christopher and Clara are an adventurous and archaeologic couple who travel around the world and find ancient sites in search of ancient treasures. During their travels, they meet a funny dog ​​and name him Marty. Marty is a playful and intelligent dog who, like this couple, is very interested in sightseeing and adventure. Marty also has a special ability to dig and dig, so it’s the best help for Christopher and Clara to dig deep and find ancient treasures! But one day when the group was looking for an ancient and valuable object called the Heart of Space, Clara suddenly disappears. Christopher can’t find his wife no matter what he looks for.

In My Diggy Dog 2This time your adventure begins, not before, to find valuable antiquities, but to find Clara. When Marty realizes that Christopher is upset, and when he finds out, he seeks out Clara alone to find her with the help of his abilities. In Marty searches, a map is found that shows the entry path of a hidden portal. The word Heart of Space also appears on this map. He gives the map to Christopher and they both travel to the area together to enter the portal and find Clara. Now you have to help Christopher in the role of Marty to succeed in this adventure and be able to find his wife. To do this, you have to search and dig in different places. There are dozens of challenges, traps and mind puzzles in your path that only a professional player can overcome. My Diggy Dog 2 is a multipurpose and very fun game with a combination of arcade, action, adventure and puzzle styles. The gameplay is the main part of the game, like the classic platformer style games, in which you have to jump through obstacles, cross traps and solve intellectual puzzles to pass the game stages. My Diggy Dog 2 is a well-made and fun game, the latest version of which is now accompanied by a modded version of the servers.Oyuntakip are ready to receive. So do not hesitate and download this beautiful game now and help Christopher and Marty find Clara!