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mod MoreCommands new commands for loners and reduction of old


The mod adds a lot of new useful commands for the game to the game, they will be especially useful on the game server where the player has an OP or an admin panel. The mod adds shorter versions of useful commands, as well as many new useful commands such as fixing the time in the game, editing the players’ inventory, viewing details about the player, including his IP address and history of nickname changes.

On different versions of the game, the mod adds a different number of teams, on 1.7.x it’s only 35+, on 1.12 it’s already 100+. The author of the mod did not divide the commands for different versions of the mod and the game, therefore their description is a bunch, which are available on which versions, I do not know. challenge-failed

Warning :
You can see the full list of commands by typing / chelp, there are several pages with commands and descriptions.


  • / fullbright will change the brightness of the game
  • / spawncliententity will spawn an entity (mob) that is only on the client side and only you can see it, it has no intelligence.
  • / ptime allows you to configure any game time and then activate it
  • / calc allows you to perform a mathematical equation, for example, calculate 100 + 200
  • / setfov will change FOV (angle of view), normal angle – 70
  • / setrenderdistance change the render distance of the world
  • / serverstatus Shows the statuses of all mojang and minecraft servers (are there any problems with server availability)
  • / pastnames [player] shows the player’s old nicknames and when they were changed (for a license of course)
  • / urban Looking for something in the city dictionary (meaning of the word, synonyms, in English)
  • / download Downloads a file.
  • / copy Copy text
  • / crash [description] Crashes your game
  • / fps Show your fps
  • / ctopevents will show the top 10 events taking place in the game, this will allow you to find out which event (for example, world generation) loads the game
  • / macro command to execute multiple commands at the same time
  • / bind Allows you to bind a command or chat message
  • / screenshot [width] [height] Takes screenshots at the specified resolution
  • / barrier will give you a barrier block.
  • / cleareffects will clear all your effects
  • / clearinv will clear your inventory.
  • / cmdblock will give you a command block.
  • / consolecommand Will run a command from the console.
  • / day will make the day.
  • / easy will make the difficulty level easy
  • / explode [power] will make an explosion of the specified power
  • / fly [player] will enable / disable flight mode
  • / gm will change your gamemode
  • / gma will enable adventure mode
  • / gmc will enable creative mode
  • / gms will enable survival mode
  • / gmsp will enable spectator mode
  • / god [player] will enable god mode for you or another player
  • / hard will switch the difficulty mode to hard
  • / heal [player] allows you to restore health to yourself or another player
  • / item [amount] [player] Gives the item to you or the player
  • / killall will kill everyone in the specified radius
  • / kys kill yourself
  • / night switch to night
  • / nohunger will cut off your hunger
  • / norain no rain
  • / normal will enable normal difficulty
  • / peaceful will enable peaceful difficulty
  • / save will save the world
  • / setbuildlimit Sets the limit for buildings from 0 to 256.
  • / showtime shows your time
  • / speed changes your speed and airspeed from 0 to 10.
  • / sudo will give the player the ability to use the command
  • / top will teleport you to a safe place
  • / break Will break the block you are looking at
  • / spawn teleports you to spawn
  • / wild teleports you somewhere to a random place
  • / ping will show you your ping
  • / hat will put an item on your head that you are holding in your hands
  • / repair will repair the item in your hands
  • / rename Renames the item in your hands
  • / optool Enchants an item per level
  • / time fix allows you to fix the playing time at a certain value.
  • / enchant [level] allows you to enchant an item at any enchantment and level
  • / fireball will fire a fireball in the direction you are looking
  • / whereami will show your coordinates
  • / whois Will give all information about the player, including his IP
  • / compareips Allows you to compare the IP of two players
  • / narrate [message] is a smart function that allows you to pronounce the message that you have entered, it will be pronounced by the “narrator”, he is a computer and most likely you heard him, he often makes the wrong stress and other mistakes.
  • / tpchunk teleports you to this chunk
  • / biometeleport teleports you to the specified biome
  • / morecommandsinfo will show information about the creator of the mod
  • / cannon Launches an activated block of dynamite in the direction of view.
  • / clone clones the entity you are looking at
  • / cyclepainting will change the picture you are looking at
  • / defuse Kills everyone in the radius or all charged TNTs and drops a TNT-like item in their place.
  • / dimension teleports to dimension
  • / dropstore will drop all your items into the chest.
  • / enderchest will open your ender chest or someone else’s chest anywhere.
  • / extinguish will extinguish you
  • / fakeplayer make a fake player, for example, to load chunks.
  • / inspect Get the known NBT data of any player, online or offline. You can run / save before this to get the freshest data.
  • / invsee view and change any player’s inventory
  • / jump teleports you to the direction you are looking
  • / more Set the maximum number of the current (active) item stack.
  • / potion Create your own potion with your own effects and colors.
  • / reach set the reach distance (in blocks you can reach, break for example, standard 5)
  • / recipe will write the recipe for the item, potion
  • / killall – kill all players
  • / kys – kill yourself
  • / explode – explode yourself
  • / gms – change game mode to Survival
  • / gmc – change game mode to Creative
  • / gma – change game mode to Adventure
  • / gmsp – change game mode to Observation
  • / day – set the daytime in the world
  • / night – set world night time
  • / speed, / speed2, / speed3, / speed4, / speed5, / speed6, / speed7, / speed8, / speed9, / speed10 – add speed to your character with a level equal to the number used in the command
  • / clear effects – remove all effects applied to you
  • / rain – set the world weather to rain
  • / norain – set world weather to sunny
  • / thunder – set the world weather to a thunderstorm
  • / dodaylightcycle – set the doDaylightCycle world rule to true, i.e. allow time in the world to change
  • / nodaylightcycle – set the doDaylightCycle world rule to false, i.e. prohibit changing time in the world
  • / dofire – set the doFireTick world rule to true, i.e. let the world’s fire grow
  • / nofire – set the doFireTick world rule to false, i.e. forbid the world’s fire to grow
  • / nodeathmessages – set the value of the showDeathMessages world rule to false, i.e. disable showing notifications in chat about someone’s death
  • / showdeathmessages – set the value of the showDeathMessages world rule to true, i.e. allow to show notifications in chat about someone’s death
  • / domobgriefing – set the doMobGriefing world rule to true, i.e. allow mobs to change the landscape of the map
  • / nomobgriefing – set the doMobGriefing world rule to false, i.e. prevent mobs from changing the landscape of the map
  • / dokeepinventory – set the value of the keep inventory world rule to true, i.e. prohibit things from falling out of inventory in case of death
  • / nokeepinventory – set the value of the keepInventory world rule to false, i.e. allow items to drop out of inventory in case of death
  • / donaturalregen – set the value of the natural regeneration world rule to true, i.e. allow health to heal itself
  • / nonaturalregen – set the value of the natural regeneration world rule to false, i.e. prohibit health from self-healing

How to install the mod:

  1. Install Forge or Fabric
  2. Install all additional mods if specified.
  3. Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
  4. In the launcher, run the forge or factory version of the game.

Download MoreCommands mod

1.7.10: morecommands-1.7.10-1.8.jar [788.58 Kb]
1.8: morecommands-1.8-2.8.jar [787.74 Kb]
1.8.9: morecommands-1.8.9-2.8.jar [788, 81 Kb]
1.9: morecommands-1.9-3.1.jar [802.63 Kb]
1.9.4: morecommands-1.9.4-3.1.jar [802.88 Kb]
1.10.2: morecommands_1.7.1.1102.jar [177 , 65 Kb]
1.11.2: morecommands_2.0_mc1.11-1.11.2.jar [1.78 Mb]
1.12.2: morecommands_2.2.1_mc1.12-1.12.2.jar [1.8 Mb]
1.16.5 \ 1.17: morecommands-3.7.1_1.16.4-1.17.jar [1.49 Mb]

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