Modern Industrialization industrial mod, era of steam, electricity [1.18.1] [1.17.1] [1.16.5]

The Modern Industrialization mod is an industrial mod that will take you through the era of steam, to the era of electricity and liquid fuels. You will be able to create new metals, multi-block steam engines, connect them with pipes, process materials, and then step into the era of electricity, with wires and electrical installations.

The mod is quite extensive, contains dozens of installations for processing resources, you will have to grind, crush, melt, compress, stretch, press. As you progress, you will gain access to technological tools, quarries, drills, rocket packs, you can create a transport system for your items, and much more.

The mod is similar to many other industrial mods, it is quite large and detailed, and it is also being developed forFabric , and the author has no plans to port it to Forge . Inside the game there is a guide book based on Patchouli , and you should definitely install REI

How to install the mod:

  1. Install Fabric
  2. Install Fabric API
  3. Install all additional mods if indicated.
  4. Download mod and copy to .minecraft /mods
  5. In the launcher, run the version of the game with the factory.


Download mod Modern Industrialization:


1.16.5: modern-industrialization-0.4.0-alpha.11.jar [4.53 Mb]

for Fabric + install Fabric API

1.17.1: modern-industrialization-0.7.4.jar [4.98 Mb]

for Fabric + install Fabric API and REI

1.18\1.18.1: modern-industrialization-1.0.5.jar [5.99 Mb]

for Fabric + install Fabric API and REI


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