Mob Origins -origin from mobs [1.17] [1.16.5]

The Mob Origins mod is an add-on for the Origins mod , it adds several new races originating from the game mobs, each with its own abilities and advantages, similar to the races of the original mod.

  • Slug: For you, all the blocks act like slime blocks, you can summon small slugs in exchange for health, they will protect you. When you lose more than 2 hearts, you can no longer inflict damage, only knock back opponents. You never take fall damage
  • Lavomerka: You are immune to all types of fire damage. You appear in the nether world, you take water damage, you can walk on lava at high speed, other players can ride you.
  • Guardian: you have thorns that can damage attacking creatures, guardians do not attack you, your skin is from pristine, you have natural armor, you become weaker and slower on land, you can breathe underwater, but not on land, you see perfectly underwater and you can quickly break blocks, move quickly underwater and do not drown.
  • Snow golem: you take damage from water, you take damage in hot biomes, snowballs you throw do 1.5 damage, you leave traces of snow, while in a cold biome you do more damage.
  • Wolf: you have 2 fewer hearts than humans, when the sky is full of the moon you become faster, stronger and more tenacious. The wolves you tamed are stronger, you can only eat meat.
  • Caster : Wizards of magic and totem collectors, can use the jaw spell, totems have a 10% chance of not breaking, robbers are neutral, and peasants hate you.
  • Witch : potions last longer than others, you can get a random effect of the potion depending on the situation, the peasants hate you, and the robbers are neutral to you.
  • Bee : when attacking with your hand, you are able to poison for a few seconds, when there are many flowers nearby, you regenerate health, when collecting honey, you are not attacked by bees, you have 2 hearts less health, you have small wings that allow you to slow down the fall, you cannot eat meat.
  • Fox : your speed increases when there are more than 3 players around you, berries are much more nutritious than for others, bushes of sweet berries do not cause damage. You have an increased collection radius, you are faster, but you have 2 fewer hearts than humans.

How to install the mod:

  1. Install Fabric
  2. Install the Fabric API
  3. Install Origins
  4. Install all additional mods if specified.
  5. Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
  6. In the launcher, run the factory version of the game.


Download mod Mob Origins

.16.5: moborigins-1.4.0.jar [976.12 Kb]
1.17: moborigins-1.5.0.jar [137.1 Kb]


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