Minecraft MoonLight – Magic assembly with quests [1.12.2]

The assembly of Moon Light is built on the dependence of the mods on each other. In the beginning, you have to study the magic of druids to discover ancient knowledge of blood and begin to develop in the field of Witchcraft. Soon, after the start of survival, you will be able to make your main choice: become a Hunter to destroy hordes of monsters, or join the dark side, turning into a Vampire. Among the features it is easy to distinguish the following:


  • music that will escalate the atmosphere of horror
  • a unique menu that you can hardly figure out at a glance
  • several hundred interesting quests, which will take you weeks to complete
  • fashion linking crafts
  • and much more!
  • Bewitchment – Everyone wants to become a real Witch, but nothing happens? This mod will definitely help you! Summon demons with the help of frightening rituals, make magic brooms, learn to use a witch’s cauldron, stove and spinning wheel!
  • Blood Magic – What? Say you want to become a Blood Mage? Welcome to Blood Magic – a modification that provides you with a lot of opportunities for the realization of your dreams. The creation of rituals that feed on vital energy, the use of alchemy, the management of demonic energy and sacrifice. All-all, no more spoilers
  • EvilCraft – Dark-dark night, in the dark-dark world .. So, what are we talking about? … EvilCraft is a mod in which concentration revolves around dark magic, in particular, manipulation of spirits and blood, the last of which is the main fuel source in fashion
  • Rats – A modification that adds rats – small creatures that appear at night in the universe, like monsters. They are a real nuisance because they can steal food and seeds from chests and even destroy crops
  • Roots – The mod will offer you to comprehend the magic of druids, their knowledge of nature and information in magic. Various runes, altars, magic staves, new tools, weapons and armor will appear in the game
  • Vampirism – Become a Vampire without leaving your home! This mod will change your life beyond recognition. Do you decide to become a Hunter and destroy hordes of undead, or will you join the dark side and become a Vampire of the Highest Rank? The choice is yours!

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