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Minecolonies – an extensive mod for minecraft that allows you to create your own colony – a small settlement.
In this colony there will live people who can do various jobs, build houses, catch animals, grow plants, cook food, protect the city from robbers. A very good mod that allows you to diversify a great single player game.
You will start with a small settlement and 4 residents, equip them with a place of work, help develop their city, over time there will be more inhabitants, you will be able to improve buildings by increasing and decorating them, in your city there will be many professions that will automate the processes of extraction of resources, products nutrition. When your settlement is large enough, you may be attacked by raiders or pirates, defend your settlement by building guard barracks, train residents and soldiers.

To create a colony, you need to create a camp chest or a supply chest, install it and use the scepter of construction, it will show a visual view of the building, you can rotate the building, raise it up or down, choose the style of the building.

After construction in the chest, you will find the wand of the builder and the block of the town hall.

Place the town hall block in a convenient place, after you put it, the territory of the building will be marked with a rope, but the building will not be built, for this builders and resources are needed.

After a few minutes, up to 4 residents will appear around the block of the town hall, these are your first settlers.
We build a builder’s hut, this will allow us to hire builders, create a block, put it.
We choose whom to hire their residents as a builder, residents have different characteristics that affect the execution of work.

After choosing a builder, you can open a list of the necessary resources for construction: Put them in your inventory.

For a resident to start building a building, he may need tools, or something else, click on the PCM builder and click on the requests, you will see what he needs.
Residents have a level that is increasing, at first they will be slow and use only bad tools

Construction of a logger’s hut or other buildings:
Put the necessary block, go into it and start construction, the builder will be appointed by himself (if this is not turned off in the town hall), the builder will take resources from his hut.

In order to increase the number of inhabitants, all your inhabitants must live in their homes, you must build 4 resident huts, or upgrade 2 huts to level 2 or higher, vacant houses attract new settlers.

Remember that the more residents, the more likely raiders will come to your village.
You must monitor the settlers, hunger and happiness, over time you will be able to automate the production and preparation of food and tools, making your city automatic.

How to install the mod:

  1. Install Forge
  2. Install all additional mods if specified.
  3. Download mod and copy to .minecraft \ mods
  4. In the launcher, launch the version of the game with forge.

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