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Don’t you like sitting in a mine for hours and working hard to dig yourself up some resources? Are you afraid of accidentally falling into lava while digging for diamonds? Are you sick of fighting mobs already? Then Magical Crops is what you need! With this mod, you can grow diamonds right in your garden!

So let’s get down to a more detailed description of the mod:

1. Magical substance .
One of the main items of the mod is the so-called “Magic Substance”. It is used to craft magic seeds from which you can grow various resources.
There are four types of magical substance: weak, common, strong, and very strong. The weak must be mined from ore, a bit like emeralds, which is underground at a height of less than 30 blocks above the bedrock level and in Hell, deposits of 1-5 ore blocks. It is obtained with an iron pickaxe and better. 1-4 units of a weak magic substance fall out (as the author of the mod wrote, although I have never dropped more than 2 units), which can be used to craft stronger and better ones. Crafts are attached: 2. Magic seeds .

Now that you have a sufficient amount of magical substance of the power you need, you can start crafting magical seeds, with the help of which it becomes possible to grow various resources. There are a lot of them, all the craft are below. 3. Magic hoe . This mod also adds a new hoe – magic. It has a very high durability and has its own peculiarity – it can plow an area of ​​3×3 blocks of land. To do this, use this hoe with the shift key pressed. 4. Essences . So, the crop has grown and now you can harvest it. The essence of the resource you grew and its seeds will be dropped. From these essences, you can craft the resources themselves. Below is a table of crafting:

The Essence of the Underworld is special, it is used to craft the following items and blocks: The same with the Ender Essence: 5. Natural Essences . While harvesting, you may come across natural essences. The chance of them dropping is pretty small. These essences can be used for the following crafting: 6. Fire-resistant blast-resistant planks and wool . You can also use essences in many other crafts, for example, you can make fire-resistant blast-resistant wool or boards. They look the same as regular blocks, but they have special properties (I think you already figured out which ones). In the craft above, wool can be replaced with boards. 7. Essence of blocks and bricks .

Essences can be crafted into Essences of Blocks and Essences of Bricks. They have no use whatsoever and are used only as decoration. To change the color of the blocks / bricks just change the essence. 8. Poisonous and healing blocks . Poison blocks can poison the person next to them once. Poisonous blocks are disguised as ordinary ones, such as grass, sand and others. You can use them to prank your friends on the server, to design maps, or to fight mobs. Healing blocks work in the same way as poison blocks, but they give the player who approaches them a regeneration effect, which allows you to quickly restore health. There was a bug with the texture of the healing block, the author promises to fix it in the next updates.

9. Magic stones .
These stones can be crafted in order to give the player positive effects:
Blue – Infinite breathing underwater – Passive – Only works if you are underwater.
Green – Allows you to make a high jump – It is required to press the right mouse button.
Red – No fall damage – Passive.
White – Temporary Invincibility – Requires right-click.
Obsidian Skull – Full Fire and Lava Resistance – Passive. If you’ve played Terraria, you’ve noticed something interesting. 10. Tempered diamonds and armor .

These diamonds are used to craft more durable, hardened armor. It protects better than a regular diamond one and has the same enchant ability as a gold one (that is, it will be cheaper to enchant it with a high level than a diamond one). 11. Magic food . You will be able to make new, special food from ordinary food crops. She will restore 4 points of satiety and give a small regeneration of health. Any food can be used in this craft, it doesn’t matter. 12. Fiery essence . This special essence can be crafted from a combination of other essences. It works the same way as flint, but can be used indefinitely. 13. Unstable Essence.

If you throw this essence, an explosion will occur in the place where it lands, equal in size to the TNT explosion. It is crafted from a combination of other essences, as shown below. 14. Passive and hostile essences . These essences are used to craft soul seeds. Passive essence drops from passive mobs such as pigs or chickens with a 5% chance. Enemies are likewise dropped from hostile mobs such as creepers or spiders. 15. Seeds of souls .

Soul seeds should be planted in the same way as ordinary seeds. When they grow up, you can harvest them. It will not be quite ordinary – these plants will drop what is usually dropped from the mob, whose soul seeds you planted. For example, if you plant creeper soul seeds, during harvesting they will give gunpowder in the same amount as when killing a real creeper. Harvesting Skeleton Souls has a chance to drop a bow for you, just like killing a real skeleton. Crafts are presented below. 16. Scroll of life . This scroll can instantly heal all your health. To use, just grab it and right-click. 17. ” Miner’s Dream “.

When you right-click with this item in hand, it will explode where you are standing. This item gives you a positive effect – explosive resistance, and also reduces your hunger. Quite convenient for mining, but unfortunately, an explosion has an 80% chance of destroying precious ores. 18. Packages of seeds . These bags are convenient if you have a lot of seeds, as they allow you to compactly store them and quickly plant them on an area of ​​3×3 blocks, saving time. Crafting works with all magic seeds. 19. Improved experience stone .

When you right-click, this stone will absorb 30 levels of player experience and save them. You will be able to restore the levels by right-clicking a full stone, which will make it empty again. I want to say that this description has not been updated for a long time, so there may be changes. Soon I will try to rewrite everything and translate the description of the mod updates.

How to install the mod:

  1. Install Forge
  2. Install all additional mods if specified.
  3. Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
  4. Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.


Download the Magical Crops mod


1.5.2: magical-crops-mod-1.5.2.zip [1.03 Mb]
1.6.2: magical-crops-mod-1.6.2.zip [868.85 Kb]
1.6.4: magicalcrops-3.2. 0_beta_23.jar [2.64 Mb]
1.7.2: magicalcrops-1.7.2-0.11.jar [2.49 Mb]
1.7.10: magicalcrops-4_beta_3.jar [2.93 Mb]
1.16.5: magicalcrops-1.0 .0.jar [737.86 Kb]

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