Minecraft Effortless Building – Mirror and Fast Building [1.16.5] [1.15.2] [1.14.4] [1.13.2] [1.12.2]

Effortless Building mod – mirroring of the supplied blocks, fast construction

This is an incredible mod that builders will really like, it allows you to quickly and easily build different shapes, lines, pillars, spheres, walls, and even diagonal lines. The mod also supports mirror construction, you can build one building, and an exact copy of it will be built nearby, which will save a lot of time.

Fashion Guide:

The mod has a convenient tool selection wheel, it opens to the left Alt, you just need to hover over the tool and release Alt (do not click LMB).
All tools support the Replace mode of operation, in which blocks will not be installed, but replaced. (included in one of the gears).
All tools can both install blocks and break them, for installation you must have a block in your hands, and in order to break your hands, you must be empty.

  • Normal: regular vanilla building
  • Normal +: normal vanilla construction site, but with a huge distance (up to about 50 blocks)
  • Line: line, allows you to build or break lines in any direction and up / down, up to 160 blocks
  • Wall: allows you to build walls
  • Floor: allows you to build floor and ceiling
  • Diagonal Line: a diagonal line, moreover, it can be flat, or going up / down.
  • Diagonal Wall: diagonal wall
  • Slope Floor: a rising / falling floor, you select a rectangle, and then one edge rises up, making a slope to the second edge.
  • Cube: a cube, it can be solid, empty inside, or it can only be made of grain
  • Circle: allows you to build a circle/oval
  • Cylinder: Will build cylinders, can be hollow.
  • Sphere: build a sphere, can be hollow

Mirror construction + arrays:

For these tools, you need to specify the coordinates, there is a special button that sets the coordinates of the player.

The mod supports mirror construction, it must be turned on in one of the gears. The interface allows you to set the coordinates, the size of the mod, has the ability to disable the display of coordinates and the visual wall, disable / enable the planes in which the work is in progress.

An array is a tool that will allow you to create “duplicates” of your building, but with displacement along all axes, that is, you can build 10 lines and each will move 1 block away from the previous one.

Radial construction, allows you to build 4 buildings at once in a certain way, and each will “shift” \ “turn”, just try and you will understand everything

How to install the mod:

  1. Install Forge
  2. Install all additional mods if specified.
  3. Download the mod and copy to .minecraft \ mods
  4. Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.

Download the Effortless Building mod


1.12.2 – effortlessbuilding-1.12.2-2.16.jar [457.81 Kb]
1.13.2 – effortlessbuilding-1.13.2-2.16.jar [482.25 Kb]
1.14.4 – effortlessbuilding-1.14.4-2.21. jar [475.58 Kb]
1.15.2 – effortlessbuilding-1.15.2-2.21.jar [491.12 Kb]
1.16.4 \ 1.16.5 – effortlessbuilding-1.16.3-2.22.jar [499.37 Kb]

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