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Maybe you feel lonely in this little Minecraft game? Can’t join a multiplayer game?
How about turning boring villagers into a real community? Each member of this community will have his own skin and each has his own character, now this melt is not just a mob, but a smart resident. You can chat, become friends, even find love! And who knows, maybe one day you will become king and be able to start a royal family (and use other NPCs as slaves).

Thanks to this mod Minecraft comes Alive (MCA), NPCs in villages will be of more interest. Now they will have their own skins, professions, and names. There are many different combinations!

The main features of Minecraft come Alive

  • Villagers no longer make noise or useless nasty noises. MCA replaces them with male or female types!
  • Villagers can interact with you. You can make exchanges as usual, but you can also talk to them, tell them a joke, give them gifts, and so on. Interaction builds a relationship that ultimately allows you to marry the peasant of your choice.
  • You can have children with the villager you are marrying. Children can engage in activities such as farming, fishing, mining, logging and hunting. Over time, children will grow up and become adults who can also marry and have children, and you will become a grandfather or grandmother!
  • You can also marry and have children with other players if you are using the mod on the server!

MCA – residents will now be smarter

  • Mod developers have access to an API that will allow them to embed their mods and interact with the MCA.
  • MCA contains over 2000 lines of dialogue translated into over 20 languages.
  • For villagers, men and women, there are over 250 different skins available.
  • You can add your own skins or dialog.
  • Added thirteen new trades for villagers.
  • Your spouse may be responsible for preparing food for you.
  • Villagers have moods and personalities.
  • The mood of the villagers changes during the day.
  • The villagers teleport home to sleep at night.
  • Villagers can be recruited to perform appropriate tasks for the player within a specified period of time. You can “rent” your personal farmer or bodyguard!
  • Children gain experience in doing household chores and can gain benefits that will help them better serve you.
  • You can set the villager’s home waypoint, which determines where they sleep at night.
  • The villagers have different heights, each is unique in some way.

Where to begin?

After starting the game with the mod installed, you will have a white ball in your inventory.

If you poke this ball anywhere, you will be teleported to the library.

Right click on the enchant table and answer the customization questions. At the end, you can choose how you want to start the game.

You will have a choice to complete the installation process.

  • I want to have a family – makes you appear in a small house with a spouse and children from 0 to 2.
  • I live alone – makes you appear in a picturesque house.
  • I live in a village – You appear in a small house in a village inhabited by villagers.
  • None of these options – you will remain at your current location without any changes.

Note. These parameters duplicate the structures that are at your current position in the world, overwriting whatever is there! You have been warned.


To interact with a villager, just right click on him to see all the different things you can do with him.

Interaction screen

  • In the upper left corner is the villager’s mood, personality and (if it’s a child) his age.
  • A little below – information, if a villager is married, displays his parents and gifts available to you. In this example above, the villager is free.
  • The hearts above his head are your level of relationship with the villager. Upon reaching 5 red hearts, they will turn to gold. With 5 hearts in gold, you can marry a villager. Hearts will be black if the villager does not love you.
  • Text Above Villager – Displays the name and job of the villager.
  • The column with the button on the right is your interaction menu. Depending on your relationship with the resident, your options may vary.

Thinking and mood

The villager’s mood can change at any time depending on your previous interactions with him. Mood can affect the success of your interactions with the villager. Certain negative sentiments can often increase your chances of success through interactions! The mentality of only three villagers can influence the personality. It’s about: playful, serious and simple.
Mentalities determine which interactions are most effective.
Cheerful, the villager prefers jokes, flirting, etc.
Serious, he prefers to discuss.
The main villager doesn’t really have a preference for the interactions you use. You will also find the playful villager bored or amused. A serious villager may show interest or become angry / upset.


Personalities cannot change. They are set by the mentality and it will influence the mood of the resident. Each personality also attributes its own special abilities to the villager.

Personality Mood Skills
Athletic Playful 15% faster
Sure Serious Deals more damage when attacking
Strong Serious Doubled attack damage.
Friendly —– Bonus 15% for all interactions.
Curious Serious Offers more interactions.
Peaceful Main Will not fight.
Fraudulent Playful Bonus 25% on all interactions.
Spiritual Playful Nothing
Sensitive Main  5% chance to lose 35 points in every interaction.
Greedy Serious Offers less interaction
Stubborn Serious Each interaction loses 15% of its effectiveness.
Odd Playful Nothing


Marriage and children

To truly immerse yourself in Minecraft comes Alive, you must get married. You have two options to do this:

  1. Marry a resident. You must have 5 gold hearts with a villager. Offer him a wedding ring.
  2. Marry a player. You must have a wedding ring and your partner must accept it.

After you get married, you will have a new button in the interaction menu – Procreate. By clicking on it, you get your little boy or girl that you can name right away.
At the age of 10 minutes (old, right?), By default, you can right-click on the floor and the baby will grow.

Tip: You can also start having children before you get married if you go to the priest and select Special -> Adopt a baby . If for any reason you have lost your child (bad parent!) – you must find a priest. Interact with it, select  Special -> Reset Baby . After that, you can have another child.

Tip: When you marry a resident, first give the engagement ring and then get married. All nearby residents will give you gifts!

Tip : If you hover over a child in inventory, you can see their age.

Child Minecraft comes Alive

When communicating with your child, you can choose activities for him that he can do for you!

Farming: The child can harvest all the crops on the plot or create a farm from the seeds you gave him.

Chopping a tree: A child can chop down a certain type of tree and plant it again.

Mining: A child can warn you when the specified ore is nearby (he will also mine it), or create a small mine and run continuously until you order to stop.

Hunting: The child can be tamed or killed by animals. Once you ordered him to hunt, he will walk in the nearby grassy area and wait for the animals.

Adult kids Minecraft comes Alive

When your child grows up, he will no longer be able to complete any tasks for you. But you have the opportunity to help him get married and have children! In order for your child to get married, you must first make two wedding rings. Have your child stand next to the villager you want him to marry and present two rings to one of them. Then they will be married. Now you can either wait until the couple has a baby, or speed up the process by donating cake when they are next to each other. Please note that donating a cake will not always work! Once a couple gives birth to a child, they will begin to grow up and eventually also have a soul mate and have children. The cycle can go on indefinitely.

Death and resurrection

Of course, one day a loved one can be killed by a skeleton or blown up by a creeper, this is survival in minecraft.

Luckily, if you lose someone like your spouse or child, they will leave a special item in a chest near the place of death. If you pick up this item, you can use it to revive your deceased loved ones!

To relocate a villager, you will need the Staff of Life object. This is a special magic item for resurrecting villagers, which can be obtained after killing a new boss: the Grim Reaper.

Before you can summon the grim reaper, you will have to prepare for a very difficult battle. This mob can steal your belongings, protect itself from potions, arrows and can block your attacks. It also hits very hard, dealing 7.5 heart damage if you’re not wearing armor.

To summon the grim reaper, you must design an altar with a minimum of 6 obsidian blocks (3 pillars two blocks high) and 1 emerald block. The emerald block should be placed in the middle of the obsidian columns.

Your obsidian columns can be as large as you want, provided the obsidian block is at the same level as the emerald block and the obsidian block above it.

Once your altar is set up, grab your lighter and wait until nightfall. The Grim Reaper is only summoned at night. 

When darkness falls and you are ready, start setting fire to the top of each obsidian column.

When the three pillars light up, there is only one thing left to do, set the emerald block on fire! The Emerald Block should be the last to be ignited.

After the light show, a boss will appear above the altar. When you summon the Grim Reaper, the emerald block will be destroyed. Kill him and he will make the “Staff of Life” magical object appear. With it, you can resurrect any peasant of your choice.



Before installation, you need to install the RadixCore library  .

Then follow the instructions below:

1. Install “Minecraft Forge” current version. If you are using a launcher such as launcher, you do not need to install Forge;

2. On the keyboard, hold down the “Win” + “R” key combination and enter “% appdata%” (without quotes) into the window that opens;

3. In the opened directory, select the “.minecraft” folder (game directory);

4. Loaded mod, move it to the .minecraft / mods folder;

If the “mods” folder is missing in the game folder when Forge is installed, create it yourself.

Version Link The size Downloads
1.12.2 mca-1_12_x-5_3_1-universal.jar 3.51 Mb 17770
1.12 mca-1_12-5_3_0-universal.jar 2.85 Mb 1112
1.10.2 mca-1_10_2-5_2_3-universal.jar 3.15 Mb 711
1.9.4 mca-1_9_4-5_2_0-final-universal.jar 3.15 Mb 320
1.9 mca-1_9-5_2_0-final-universal.jar 3.15 Mb 262
1.8.9 mca-1_8_9-5_2_0-final-universal.jar 3.16 Mb 466
1.8 mca-1_8-5_1_1_2-universal.jar 2.76 Mb 443
1.7.10 mca-1_7_10-5_2_2-universal.jar 3.13 Mb 1903
1.7.2 mca-4_1_2mc-1_7_2.zip 3.92 Mb 306
1.6.4 mca-3_6_0_mc-1_6_4.zip 3.84 Mb 623
1.6.2 mca_v3_5_4-1.zip 3.55 Mb 608
1.5.2 mca_v3_5_4.zip 3.55 Mb 727

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