Marvel Puzzle Quest in Farsi (Marvel puzzle) is a new and extremely beautiful game in the style of intellectual games and puzzles, a product of the game company D3Publisher for the Android operating system, which is available to all users for free! In this game, you will be able to build a great team of the greatest heroes and super villains from Marvel and solve the various puzzles that are given to you one after another. There are 3 modes to play and progress, one of them is the ISO-8 mode, where the community of heroes will do their best to find a solution to improve the situation and end this situation! in the game Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign As a player, you can create your favorite heroes, gradually make them more powerful and fight against enemies and take advantage of their power; Each of these heroes has their own abilities and you will need them in different stages, so do your best to solve puzzles one after another and unlock new heroes.

Some features of Marvel Puzzle Quest Android game:

  • Being a variety of famous heroes and traitors to advance the game
  • The possibility of creating a custom team of super heroes and villains such as Iron Man, Thor and Venom
  • Being a variety of special and unique abilities for each character
  • Collect game comics to unlock new characters
  • The possibility of increasing the abilities and talents of your team and its characters
  • The possibility of playing single-player or multiplayer with other global users
  • Having excellent graphics, addictive gameplay and exciting sound

If you want to learn more about the gameplay of Marvel Puzzle Quest , stay with us to provide you with a trailer for it! To view pictures of the game environment and download it along with the data file, stay with oyuntakip… When the new version of the game is released, the previous version will stop working and it will show you the update message; So, when the new version is published, go to this address and download the new version; Without a doubt, we will be one of the first sites to provide you with new versions in the shortest possible time🙂