Lucid Dream Adventure 2 v2.0.15 – Adventure and puzzle game “Brilliant Dream 2” for Android + trailer of
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Lucid Dream Adventure 2 – Dream brilliant 2 with full name Lucid Dream Adventure 2 – Story Point & Click Game in the Google Play has been published, the second part of the series Lucid Dream Adventure Studio Polish Dali Games: adventure games is to For the first time in Iran intend to introduce it to you, Farsroid friends, and prepare the latest purchased and healthy version for you dear ones. Lucid Dream Adventure 2, which is actually a sequel to the first part of the game, tells the story of the main character of this franchise, who is an innocent girl named Lucy. Lucy is paralyzed due to an illness and is unable to move. He sits in a wheelchair and has a sad life. But one day, following a mysterious event, Lucy enters a strange and very wonderful world. A world in which he has no restrictions on walking and is no longer paralyzed! But where is this mysterious world? Why was he brought to this place? The creators of the game have not given a very specific explanation in this regard and say that the players themselves should discover the story of this game. In this part, you have to discover the mystery of this dream world and on the other hand, your main mission is to help Lucy’s mother.

In Lucid Dream Adventure 2A a dramatic and moving story awaits you. To discover this story, you must survive in this strange and, of course, dangerous world. You have to solve dozens of puzzles and choose the right paths from the complex corridors. The game style is a combination of Point and Click and Hidden Objects styles. The game designs are done in two and a half dimensions. All you have to do to move Lucy is place your finger on different parts of the screen. You can tap on different items to discover the necessary information from them and interact with them. There are many interesting and thought-provoking points hidden in Lucid Dream Adventure 2 that not everyone may notice. So if you are just looking to discover an adventurous and at the same time mysterious and sad story, this game will be interesting for you. Otherwise, you may get stuck in the game stages or not make the necessary connection with it. It is noteworthy that this game has been nominated and won several different awards, including appearing in the list of the top 20 games Google Play Indie Showcase 2019. Lucid Dream Adventure 2 has been downloaded more than 1000 times on Google Play as well also scored 4.4 out of 5.0 . Oyuntakip is proud to be the first Iranian site to provide the purchased and tested version of this game to you dear ones for free.

Changes in version v2.0.15:

* Fixed issues related to the Bat stage
* Added the possibility of restarting the steps