LEGO® Tower v1.23.2 + Mod – New and wonderful LEGO Tower simulation game for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money) individually
tested with offline run

LEGO® Tower – Lego Tower is a new and extremely beautiful game in the style of simulation games, The newest product of NimbleBit LLC game development studio for Android, which has caused a lot of noise on the Internet. If you are familiar with the lovely Tiny Tower game and know what Lego is, you can probably guess what style the LEGO® Tower looks like. This game is actually a new version of Tiny Tower in which Lego elements and characters are used. If you are a Lego lover, you will become a big fan of this game. This game is a new Lego building experience that you have to fill it with small Lego characters. Make them happy by building new floors, give them jobs, send them on missions, and release new Lego pieces. LEGO® Tower is about construction and management. From a pizzeria and coffee shop to a residential floor and a fashion salon. Manage LEGOs so they can work and make money. Use the elevator to bring Lego characters into classes to get them working. If you are a fan of simulation games, this game will undoubtedly attract your attention!

In LEGO® Tower, you can get coins every time one of the Lego characters enters your classes. Classes like lobby and sushi bar and residential floor are available to you from the beginning and with more coins, you can build new floors and send construction workers there for construction as well as upgrade Lego characters. The building components of each floor can be customized and you can customize the floors of your tower. You can also buy vehicles for construction and pizza delivery so that your work is done faster and your customers are satisfied. Build new business floors for your tower and attract new residents. The gameplay is very easy and there are fascinating challenges in the game. LEGO® Tower is graphically quite similar to LEGO® games. Oyuntakip team, this popular and lovable game has been tested and provided to you dear ones completely free of charge. At the end of this post, you can see the images related to the gameplay of the game to get more familiar with this game and if you wish, download the regular version or its mode from our servers. I hope you enjoy this game!