Learn English with ReWord v3.7.1 – An effective English vocabulary learning application for Android
The unlocked and complete version of the program worth $ 9.99

Learn English with ReWordTitle is an effective English vocabulary learning application developed by POAS and published on Google Play. English is recognized as the main language among people all over the world and learning it can help to communicate more easily. Apart from all this, many scientific articles, books, and educational resources are published in English at the beginning; You may think that you will eventually have access to the translation of such texts or teachings, but it must be said that although the translations are accurate, what you read in the original language is much better conveyed to your mind. We need to develop several abilities to learn this language. However, flawless learning requires a thorough knowledge of English words. Learn English with ReWord is one of the best software that allows its users to expand their vocabulary and get acquainted with new words every day. All the words in the database of this startup are categorized in 50 different groups, which according to your interests and desires, you can start learning from your favorite category. All words are explained with understandable examples that will undoubtedly have a great impact on your learning. One of the problems that some similar startups face their users is not remembering the old words read; But it should be said that this educational tool uses the Hermann Ebbing House method to help you not only learn new words but also to regularly remind you of the words you have already learned. However, your progress in training is constantly stored and you can check this information whenever you need it. In addition, you do not need a permanent internet connection to access the facilities, and you will be able to meet your needs completely offline at any time.

Some features and capabilities of Learn English with ReWord Android application:

  • Learn thousands of English words in a very short time
  • Categorize all words in 50 different groups
  • Ability to start reading from your favorite categories
  • Play the pronunciation of words along with reading them
  • Create custom words with your favorite categories
  • Hermann Ebbinghaus teaching method to recall words you have read in the past
  • View complete information about your progress, dear ones
  • Access facilities offline

Learn English with ReWord application with its special features and capabilities in the field of learning English words with a new method has been published by its developer for free with payment within the network of $ 9.99 and has received a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by users. You can now download the latest unlocked version of it from the Oyuntakip website.