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Main features of JackSmith

  1. Game description: Try yourself in the role of Jack Smith – a brave blacksmith fighting on the side of evil to help Jacksmith’s warriors with weapons and increase their chances of defeating the forces of evil.
  2. Objectives of the game: Open your smithy and make the best weapons (swords, bows, spears, shields, etc.) for the warriors of Jacksmith, playing like a donkey, who will forge all this. Once the weapon is created, you will need to go into battle with the warriors and fight against the monsters, remembering to collect loot and resources to create new weapons.
  3. Game modes: All actions are carried out using simple touch commands.
  4. Graphics: Simple visuals and funny characters.
  5. Language: English.
  6. Game audience: Lovers of good retro strategies.
  7. Platform: Android smartphones.
  8. Characters: Jack Smith is a blacksmith who helps warriors fight monsters, supplying them with weapons forging them in his own shop, which moves on a cart.
  9. Size: Not Specified
  10. Operating system: Android
  11. Developer : world.development.free 
  12. Recommendations: Suitable for playing with children.
  13. Pricing Information: There are no additional purchases in the app. Is free
  14. Installation requirements: Android 4.0.3 or higher, minimum free space is not specified.

Helpful JackSmith Tips

  1. Want to learn more about the gameplay of the game before downloading it? Then watch this video on YouTube!

POSITIVE about JackSmith

  1. Simple yet interesting graphics.
  2. Addictive gameplay.
  3. Funny characters.
  4. Large selection of available weapons.
  5. The ability to help warriors during the battle by shooting from a catapult.

Negative about JackSmith

  1. Sometimes it can freeze.

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