Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood v1.1.6 + Mod – Adventure and scary game “Ice Scream” for Android 
Normal version + Mod version (features listed) individually
tested with offline execution

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood – Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood is an adventure and arcade game with horror and story game elements developed by the Spanish studio Keplerians Horror Games and other horror games such as Evil Nun: Scary Horror Game Adventure. The studio, as its name suggests, focuses on making fantasy horror games, and the projects it offers confirm this. This time we decided to once again in Farsroid for the  first time among all Iranian sitesLet’s introduce another game from Keplerians studio. Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood has an interesting idea and is a fun fantasy for fans of adventure and horror games, but due to the low level of violence and fantasy of the game, this game is not so scary and maybe it can be just a Know an action game or a game in the Thriller genre. Although the general nature and story of this game is somewhat for younger audiences and also there is no news of violent and bloody scenes in the game, but still can not ignore the psychotic story of the game. A story that is strange, mysterious and in turn scary. The story of the game is related to a mobile ice cream shop that has just come to your neighborhood. The seller of these ice creams is a man who has a big hat like a scary ice cream on his head and travels to different places in his van.

In Ice Scream: Horror NeighborhoodIt’s you who has to save your friend from this psychotic and scary man named Rod! He will take your friend to an unknown place as soon as he is abducted and return to the same place. To find out what he’s doing and find out where his friend is, you have to secretly ride in a van Rod and go to the places he goes to check these places and find your friend. As it turns out, this ice cream is a psychopath and he may have stolen several other people before! Every time this person gets in his van and goes to other places, you have to hide behind his van and go to other places, and after he gets out of the car, you also get out of the car in silence and calm him down. Follow quietly to get the necessary information. During the game Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood You go to different parts and solve various puzzles so that you can finally find the place where your friend was kidnapped. In different parts of the game, you have to interact with different items and use different tools. There are many puzzles and riddles throughout the game. But your main challenge is the negative character of the game. Everything you do should be out of sight of this character because if you notice his presence, he will run towards you quickly and will kill you! He can hear your footsteps; So you have to move in a semi-standing position and at a low speed so as not to make noise. The game is from the first-person view and the graphics are very good in terms of volume. All game models are three-dimensional and have good details for them so that you can experience an attractive first-person game. The game has three different difficulty levels that are suitable for each player.He also got a very good score of 4.4 out of 5.0 . If you enjoy action, adventure, thrilling, and relatively scary games, you can now download the latest update of Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood in a tested form with its modded version from Oyuntakip and the strange secrets of this ice cream. Discover scary sales.