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Enjoy a dynamic arcade game that will allow you to experience a truly unforgettable underwater adventure.

The plot of the game

As you might guess, the main character of this game is a shark. She is distinguished by increased gluttony, even when compared with the rest of her brothers. The fish constantly needs food, to the point that it begins to lose health if it does not eat someone. You will have to feed the little shark and grow it into a big, dangerous giant!

Gameplay features

A shark does not need as much food as an adult fish, but this is only for the time being. At first, you will have to hide from other, more dangerous fish, so as not inadvertently to become their snack.

Some species can devour you, others poison you with poison, so be vigilant. The shark will be able to eat everything only when it grows up. As you progress through the game, your loot will only grow larger.


Download Hungry Shark and dine on gaping scuba divers, suspicious fishermen, and tourists relaxing on the beach. Experience points will be awarded for each portion of food. It affects the level and development of your ward.

Gradually, your shark will grow in size. If you try hard, it can become so huge that it starts to pose a real threat to small yachts and submarines.

In the game Hungry Shark Evolution there are many exciting missions for the completion of which you will be rewarded with in-game currency. The funds received can be spent on pumping your shark or buying new ones.

Below on our website, you can download for Android not only the original version of the Hungry Shark Evolution application but also the hacked version for money and crystals for free!

Download Full Hungry Shark Evolution

Regular version:Hungry_Shark_Evolution_v8.4.2.apk [86.22 Mb] (downloads: 743)
Hacked for a lot of money and crystals:Hungry_Shark_Evo_v8.3.0_vzlom.apk [100.64 Mb] (downloads: 36051)

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