How to run minecraft on a discrete video card and increase FPS

In this guide, I will tell you how to run Minecraft on a discrete (more powerful than built-in) video card of your laptop, which will increase the performance of the game, and accordingly, raise the FPS.

Just the other day I got access to a rather wretched laptop Dell 5570, right after installing Windows 10, this laptop was running Minecraft on the integrated video card, which in most cases negatively affects the performance of the game.

So, if you have a laptop and you are sure that it has 2 video cards (1 is built into the processor, and the second more powerful one is soldered on the motherboard), then this guide can help you, with it you will learn how to run minecraft on the second, more powerful video card.

Regardless of the situation, I recommend that you check in advance if you have the latest drivers for your discrete video card (AMD or Nvidia) installed, as well as if java is updated and whether it is used by the game. (some launchers use their own, outdated version)


Let’s get started:

1) Let’s check which video card your game is running on.
Start Minecraft and press F3, on the right you will see information:

Above you will see the Java version on which the game is running, in this screenshot it is 1.8.0_281 64bit, at the moment it is the latest version.
Below we see information about the screen, the resolution is 1920 × 1080, and our intel UHD 620 video card, this is a weaker video card built into the processor.

2) Open System Options, select Display, find, and select Graphics Settings.

3) Click the Browse button, find the executable file Java.exe, I have it at C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jre1.8.0_281 \ bin Minecraft runs on Java, so you need to select a video card for Java, not for the launcher games. However, if you have a license and a licensed launcher, then Windows itself can run the game on the correct video card.

4) Change the video card to a productive one.

5) Launch the game and check how you can see the video card has changed:

What performance gains will there be, and will there be at all?

It all depends on your laptop, or rather, on how powerful a discrete video card, Intel UHD 620 and AMD radeon 530 are installed on my wretched laptop, both of these video cards are almost the same power, therefore the FPS is almost the same, AMD wins with shaders, wins without shaders Intel.

You can search for your video cards on the testing site and see their result in an artificial test, so the Intel UHD 620 scores 920 points, and the R530 – 925, nevertheless, the R530 has 4 Gb of built-in video memory, while the UHD620 uses laptop RAM for these purposes. (which is not so much and which is not so fast).


Other tips for increasing Minecraft FPS on a laptop:

I think that you have already tried different mods like Optifine and other optimization mods, if not, then go ahead, this is the first tip.

1) advice, do not play on battery power or adjust power plans for maximum performance.
When running on battery power, your laptop will conserve battery power as much as possible by slowing down game performance.

2)Make sure that the laptop does not overheat, if your laptop howls like an airplane and after a short time of playing you notice that the game has begun to work worse, perhaps it is overheating, the processor and video processor reduce the load so as not to fail. If this is the case, then you should at least blow out the laptop, but it is better to contact the service to clean it and change the thermal paste. (especially if the laptop is not new).

3) Set the maximum performance.
These settings may or may not affect the performance of the game, but it’s worth a try. First,
enable max performance here:

Next, open the system settings -> power and sleep mode -> Additional power parameters

Change advanced power settings

Find and set the maximum performance for the processor and your graphics cards

Well, the last desperate attempt to increase the FPS is to lower the resolution of the game.
Laptops have a relatively small screen, but more or less new ones have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can lower the resolution of the game to 1366×768 (try other options), reduce the draw distance to 8 chunks (or less), set the graphics to Fast.


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