Hero Among Us v1.0.0 + Mod – attractive and special strategy and management game “Hero among us” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (unlocking monetary characters + many Skill Points) individually
tested with offline execution

Hero Among Us – Hero Among Us is an interesting and different game from the category of strategic and managerial titles from the fledgling Brazilian Fire Horse Studio, which has been developed for free and offered with in-app payments on Google Play. This time we decided to for the first time among all Iranian sites introduce you to another interesting and fun game and release the latest official version along with a mod version separately. Hero Among Us is a very interesting title that is a great combination of strategic and managerial styles and even contains elements of card titles. In this game, you are supposed to be in the role of superheroes whose mission is to save the planet from various threats. Your missions will be to help innocent humans in the face of events or to confront villains and those who are against superheroes. There is always a special mission for you during the game and these steps may be anywhere on the planet. That’s why the first part of the game is designed so that you can see the map of the planet from above and see the various stages that are going on on the map and take care of them.



Game Hero Among UsIt has interesting features. For example, you can make specific decisions in dialogues and conversations with people in need. These decisions are presented to you in the form of multiple-choice choices, and you need to be a little familiar with English to understand them in order to make the desired choices. There are many characters and heroes in Hero Among Us. You can build your own exclusive hero and upgrade him. Each character can have unique skills and abilities and acquire them in an interval. You can make the game character stronger and more professional by gaining more skills. All of these parts in Hero Among Us are completely managerial and require your strategic and tactical choices, so it must be said that the championship game among us is only suitable for professionals who are familiar with strategic and managerial titles. The game developer has said that more heroes will be added to the game in the game updates. If you are a fan of management and strategy games, Hero Among Us can entertain you with its unique and special features. To get more familiar with this game, you can see the screenshots and the trailer video of its introduction, and then if you want to download it, download the box. Go to oyuntakip and download the latest version of the game in normal or mod mode from the direct links of the site.