Heritage: Beyond the capabilities – Build with elements of Magic and RPG [1.12.2] [128 Mods]

Build with elements of magic and RPG, develop your character, explore dangerous dungeons, and complete quests. In the assembly, there are changed crafts, as well as the possibility of developing your own settlement. The assembly is in the Alpha version, because not 100% implemented, I post it in order to collect complaints and suggestions for specific game situations. Description The assembly contains such features as:

  • -Leveling character skills: production, defense, attack, collection, etc.
  • -Quest system. There are not many of them at the moment (fantasy is not enough)
  • -A world full of dungeons and creatures. (Literally at every turn)
  • -Ability to tame a horse and call it from anywhere on the map.
  • -Changed some craft items. Some have been removed or added for balance.
  • -Developing your own settlement or pumping existing ones around the world.
  • And etc.

List of mods

Aether Legacy (The Aether) – paradise mod
Aether: Lost Content – paradise mod addon
AI Improvements – performance improvement
AmbientSounds – new sounds
Ancient Warfare 2 – automatic farms, NPCs, and dungeons
Additional Structures – new structures
Astral Sorcery – magic, astronomy
Baubles – amulets, rings, belts – required for Astral Sorcery, Roots, Thaumcraft
BountifulBaubles – addon for Baubles
Better Animals Plus – new animals
YUNG’s Better Caves – larger and more realistic caves
YUNG’s Better Mineshafts – improved mines
Better Storage too – improved chests
BiblioCraft – lamps, tables, chairs, bookshelves, potions shelves, etc.
Blur – blurring the background
Callable Horses – personal horse-like in RPG
Chunk Animator – beautiful generation of chunks
Colyer – armor and elytra
Combat but in 3D – beautiful volumetric swords and staves
Coral Reef – Coral reefs
CraftTweaker – crafting changes
ModTweaker – will add support for replacing crafting recipes mod CraftTweaker
Matlab – technical mod for ModTweaker
Customized Dungeon Loot – setting loot in dungeons
Custom Main Menu – custom game menu
Resource Loader – auxiliary mod for Custom Main Menu
Ding – a sound reminder
Double Doors – opening double doors
Dungeon Tactics – new dungeons
Dynamic Surroundings – realistic environment, sounds, effects
Electroblob’s Wizardry – magic and spells
Electroblob’s Wizardry: Twilight Forest Spell Pack – add-on for Electroblob’s Wizardry
(Also requires Twilight Forest )
Enchanting Plus – no random enchantment
Extra Utilities – adds many useful things
Five Feet Small – less stature when squatting
FoamFix – performance increase
FTB Quests – quest
mod GraveStone Mod – graves with things
Grimoire Of Gaia – many new
Hold Yer Breath mobs – air bottles
Horse Tweaks – new saddles with
Huds effects – changed the hood
HunterIllager – evil mob resident
Twyla – analog of WAILA,
Ice and Fire tips – dragons and mythical creatures
Just Enough Items ( JEI ) – recipes
Just Enough Resources (JER) – addon for Just Enough Items ( JEI )
JJ Coats of Arms – create
JourneyMap emblems – minimap
Illuminations – fireflies
MagicalSculpture – magical statue of
Millenaire NPC village – villages, towns, inhabitants of
Minecolonies – own colony
MobRecipes – craft items without crafting
More Apples – more enchanted apples
Mouse Tweaks – semi-automatic sorting
Mowzie’s Mobs Mod – predatory plant, deities, epic mobs, magic
Mystical World – new mobs
NetherEx – improved hell
NoMoreRecipeConflict – will allow you to select a crafting recipe when you duplicate
No Recipe Book – will remove the recipe book
Nugget \\ ‘s Dungeons – add new
Optifine structures  – expand the ability to customize graphics in the game
Onyx Mod – new ores, armor, and weapons
Pam’s DesertCraft – armor, desert tool
Pam’s harvest craft – food, plants, vegetables, fruits
Phosphor – optimization, game acceleration
Plant Fiber – plant fiber for enchanting
Plants – a bunch of new plants
Prefab – ready-made buildings
Rare Ice – ice with rare items
Roots – magic mod (requires Mystical World, MysticalLib, Patchouli, Baubles)
Skillable mod – skills + pumping
Smooth Font – improved font
Spartan Shields – new shields
SwingThroughGrass – grass does not interfere with the sword strike
Thaumcraft  – thaumcraft, large magic mod (requires Baubles)
Thaumic Tinkerer – addon for  Thaumcraft
Thaumcraft 6 Aspects for JEI  – search for aspects in JEI (requires Thaumcraft, Just Enough Items ( JEI )
Thaumic JEI  – addon for JEI for taumcraft (requires Thaumcraft, Just Enough Items ( JEI )
The Aurorean – a new dimension, representing a special forest
The Birdwatching Mod – real birds
Toast Control – disabling notifications (prompts)
ToroHUD – displaying the state of mobs
Treasure 2 – new structures and treasures
Tree Chopper – quick tree extraction
The Twilight Forest  – dark, twilight forest
ConnectedTexturesMod – auxiliary mod for The Twilight Forest
Underwater World – diversifies the underwater world with new types of algae and structures
Useful Backpacks – backpacks for things
VanillaFix – fix crashes
Waddles –
Waystones penguins – Teleportation on scrolls and monuments

Kernels and Libraries:

AutoRegLib – core for Skillable mod
Bookworm – library for The Birdwatching Mod
CreativeCore – core for AmbientSounds
CodeChickenLib – core for Ancient Warfare 2
OreLib – core for Dynamic Surroundings
MixinBootstrap – library for Dynamic Surroundings
FTBLib – library for FTB Quests
library – library for Ice and Fire and Mowzie \\ ‘s Mobs Mod
librikka – core for MagicalSculpture
MysticalLib – library for Mystical World
Patchouli – library for Mystical World, The Twilight Forest
LibEx – library for NetherEx
Placebo – core for Plants, Toast Control
GottschCore – core library for Treasure 2
U Team Core – the core for Useful Backpacks

How to install assembly:

  1. Download the file and unzip it. (get the folders from the archive)
  2. It is highly recommended to delete all your mods.
  3. It is highly recommended to clear the .minecraft / config folder
  4. Install 1.12.2- (the installer is in the archive)
  5. You do NOT need to install Optifine, it is already in the mods folder.
  6. Copy folders all contents of the archive (mods, scripts, config folders, etc.) into .minecraft
  7. Launch the launcher and select version 1.12.2-

Download assembly Heritage: Beyond the capabilities:

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