Hardhead Squad: MMO War v1.17.14891 – “Stubborn Squad” strategy game for Android is
another fun and competitive game from Rovio Studio,
tested by running online

Hardhead Squad: MMO War – The Stubborn Squad: The Great Multiplayer War The title of fun and exciting game by the well-known and prestigious Finnish studio Rovio Entertainment, the creator of the revolutionary and global Angry Birds game series. After numerous speculations, it was finally officially and publicly released in August 2020 and became available to Android users around the world. This game is undoubtedly one of the most different games of this game studio so far, and it must be said that it is perhaps the first game made by this company in this style. Hardhead Squad: MMO War game has been created and developed based on authentic and successful titles in the strategy style. The main focus of this game is more on the group and big battles than on a normal strategic game. This means that you must always be ready to fight during the game of the stubborn squad and always put your army on standby to face various threats. Rovio has no specific story or adventure content for this game, however, the game starts with a simple and relatively stereotypical story in which you play the role of a group of heroes whose job is to confront criminal groups and Dangerous dumb. These small battles gradually turn into large and organized battles, and you must use everything you can to succeed in these battles. Like most games in the same genre, the Tough Squad game is designed with a variety of characters.

Some features of Hardhead Squad: MMO War Android game:

  • Convenient design and good graphic detail relative to volume
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Fun and professional gameplay in the style of strategic and tactical games
  • Ability to build a military and skilled group of heroes and fighters
  • Participate in dozens of great battles and wars to destroy enemies and criminals
  • There are all kinds of characters and heroes with special abilities
  • Ability to build, manage and develop a military base
  • Ability to set up buildings, barracks, etc.
  • Ability to use a variety of military forces and combat items
  • Ability to play with other online players from around the world
  • Ability to build and join clones and team up with friends
  • Ability to research and find specific items
  • Ability to upgrade forces in several stages
  • Has a training section to teach how to play

Hardhead Squad: MMO War with its small size but fun graphics and gameplay that can entertain you just like other Rovio games. This game is one of the few games in this studio that runs completely online and in fact, all parts of it are online. Fortunately, in the first run of the game, you can skip the training section and learn the most important points. Once you are ready to enter the main part of the game, you can take control of everything yourself and prepare for exciting battles. This game is now ready to be downloaded from Farsroid servers as tested. You can download this game from the download box and share your opinion about it with us and other Oyuntakip users.

Additional notes:

  1. Internet and online games.
  2. This game is offered without a separate data file, but in some cases, additional information and data may be received from within the game itself.
  3. Due to being online, this game cannot be hacked or modded.
  4. Currently, game servers are available to Iranian users without the need to change the IP.