GFX Tool Pro – Game Booster for Battleground v3.4 – Game booster application and Android graphics tool
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The use of smartphones with powerful and various hardware has caused studios and game development companies to offer high-quality games similar to consoles; Sometimes the quality of these games is so high that even the best hardware available has shortcomings. Sometimes these shortcomings can be seen in Battle Royale style games that in addition to high graphics also require an Internet connection. GFX Tool Pro – Game Booster for Battleground is a game booster application and graphic tool for Android, developed by Vega Tech Connect and published on Google Play. If we want to introduce this software in a simpler way, it can be considered as a special tool for those who are interested in mobile Pabji. He knew that he would solve any problem of gamers easily. Just install it and experience a new level of fps. The choice of screen resolution is up to you and you are able to set it to the maximum possible. In addition, with the above app, the available logs are greatly reduced and you can use a permanent mark on the screen!

Some features and capabilities of GFX Tool Pro – Game Booster for Battleground Android:

  • A set of tools for optimizing Battle Royale games, especially Pabji
  • Access 1080p resolution in the game
  • Access a new level of fps
  • Ability to activate HDR graphics
  • Game style change settings
  • Enable or disable anti-aliasing
  • Ability to select MSAA level
  • Graphics optimization until continuous gameplay
  • Ability to add a permanent mark on the screen

Application GFX Tool Pro – Game Booster for Battleground with the benefit of several features a variety of applications able to $ 0.99 Self- rating: 4.6 of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version purchased it without Getting any restrictions from the most visited oyuntakip website. This app has been introduced at your request and for the first time in Iran.