Garena Free Fire v1.59.5 – Survival in the remote island
game for Android A very beautiful game with a unique design and construction, presented to you dear ones tested with a smooth
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Garena Free Fire – Fire at the disposal of one of the most beautiful, popular, and interesting activities and survival games from 111dots Studio for Android devices available for free on Google Play and has been downloaded millions of times by Android users around the world, and as always, we have decided to introduce the latest version at the same time as your presence and bring you joy again! In Garena Free Fire, which is designed and built in the third person, there are 50 players on a remote island and there will be only one winner [in the new update, the number has reached 50 people and this number is possible Increase in future updates!]! The winner of the field will be the one who can survive the deadly ideas of other players and obstacles! In the free world of Garena Free Fire, which is designed in HD and high graphics and many details, players have the ability to surf freely and can do all kinds of things like a real human! If interested inYou are action and survival style games. Undoubtedly, this game attracts your attention with its wonderful construction, design and gameplay, and brings you a different or memorable experience of Android games. Fortnite, PubJie Mobile, Callao Duty Mobile and Free Fire 4 are popular and popular Battle Royale Android games, the first three of which require a strong phone with high hardware power to run smoothly, but unlike other 3 games, Free Fire Android game on the phone Medium-sized games run smoothly, and people with medium-sized phones are able to experience this beautiful game in the best possible way and enjoy having a Battle Royale-Survival game.


Upon entering the game Garena Free FireAnd entering the world of free fire, you will find yourself with 49 other players, for a total of 50 people, and you have landed on a remote island with a parachute. All of these people have one goal, and that is to survive, even at the cost of destroying others! The winner of the game will be the player who can last until the last person and is basically the last person to survive on the island. Before entering the island, while boarding a plane, you as a player can choose your landing point as desired, and after landing at the speed of light, look for weapons and equipment before others can get weapons and you Disable! Over time, the island gets smaller and smaller in size so that players are less distant from each other and can more easily find and hunt each other! After killing each player, you can see his backpack and take any good weapons and equipment you see and use them in combat. Possibility of forming a group of 4 people in there is a free fire game; You can take 3 friends with you to increase your chances of winning the fight and becoming first. It’s up to you to choose to stand up [as a camper] or as a fighter to shield your chest and strike at the hearts of rivals and destroy them, if you decide to be a camper you can go behind the trees, among the grass Or hide in the pits and if you decide to be a professional and powerful free firefighter, take great weapons and fight with the enemy in a row and kill him and be the person who will win the battlefield.

Some features of the action and survival game Garena Free Fire Android:

  • Search the big game world to find weapons and other items
  • Play against 50 players and become the last man standing on the battlefield
  • Take your friends to victory and become the last team you are on
  • Play in a variety of places and environments with great detail
  • Create your own strategy and style with a variety of tasks
  • Good touch controllers + excellent design and construction and addictive gameplay

Games Garena Free Fire is now at the Play Store has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 that we the latest version of its mobile data to download offer and we are able images of gameplay see it and in the end if you want to Get it with one click from the site’s high-speed servers. Finally, the game has been tested by us and run without any problems.

Additional notes:

– It is an internet game and is required to enter the internet connection
– The game is not hacked and has no mode [Do not ask about the mode]
– Farsroid as the latest Android reference; It always offers the free fire update at the same time as it is released; To download the Free Fire Android update, always refer to this page…
– To update the game, you must always download the installation file and new data [with the previous version data, the new version cannot be upgraded].