Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure game v42.0.33 + Mod – Coastal City Farm Simulator Game Android
Normal Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Money) Tested separately
by running online

Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure game – Farmers of the Coastal CityA wonderful farm simulation game from BELKA GAMES for Android, which is offered for free on Google Play, and at your request, its latest update, along with the mode with infinite money, has been released for download and is in front of you. By installing Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure game on your tablet or Android phone, you can experience an interesting management game with very beautiful 3D graphics in a cartoon style, in which you can play the role of a farmer in a coastal city. do! If you are a fan of farm games, no doubt Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure game will catch your eye, install it on your device and after its implementation, we will tell you that you are welcome to the coastal city! Here you can build your farms and city and engage in agriculture and animal husbandry; Plant all kinds of plants on your farms and raise domestic animals such as chickens, cows, sheep and even llamas!

Some features of Funky Bay Android Farm Simulator game:

  • Build your own farm and town according to your taste
  • Explore the island and discover new places and areas
  • Livestock breeding and planting and harvesting crops to earn money
  • Sell ​​your livestock and agricultural products in the market
  • Bring different animals to your own farm zoo
  • Possibility of trading with neighboring islands
  • Buy / sell items available in the Game City market
  • Expand and prosper your island by doing various things
  • Attend adventures to gain more resources
  • The presence of various lovely characters
  • Perform +100 different challenges and quests
  • HD graphics – incredibly beautiful colorful
  • Regular updates by adding new features to the game

Game Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure game to date millions of times by Android users around the world downloaded from Google Play and managed to score 4.0 from 5.0 gain. Today in OyunTakip, we have released the latest and latest version of the game along with the mode for download, so that you can first see pictures and a video of its gameplay, and then download it with one click if you wish. Fars Rovid, as the latest Android reference in Iran, always offers updates to the farm game of the coastal city at the same time as the release, and you can always refer to this page to download the latest version and download it with one click.