Foxit PDF Editor v11.1.7.1021 – Popular and powerful pdf reader application for Android
The original version of the program with more than 5 million downloads from Google Play

At the request of dear users, we decided to install software to read books, browse and edit PDF files, which you can now download for free from your Oyuntakip site. Are you interested in reading? Do you spend a lot of time in city traffic because of your job? Do you want to make the most of your time? This software works wonders for you! Foxit PDF Editor is a powerful and popular software for creating, editing, and managing PDF files for your Android device. With this software, you can read PDF files with your mobile phone or tablet and enjoy your time. You have the opportunity to find your rare and favorite books with this application the other hand, you are able to underline the important points of the book or mark them with a different color!

Some features of the Foxit PDF Editor Android app:

  • Zoom in and out on posts without compromising page quality
  • Open large PDF files in a short time
  • Change the display type of pages (single page, double-page and…)
  • Search the text of the book
  • Go to a specific page by entering the page number
  • Open password-protected PDF files
  • Exchange PDF files with Bluetooth, email and other sharing options…
  • Ability to click on the links in the file to open them with your mobile browser
  • Add text related links
  • Ability to highlight important parts of the text
  • Pencil tool for writing on the screen freely
  • Ability to change the color of custom text
  • Ability to undo changes
  • Search specified PDF file
  • Sort files by name and ..
  • Build a folder
  • Ability to rename, copy, move, and…
  • Ability to exchange files with Bluetooth and…
  • File translator via WiFi

The powerful Foxit PDF Editor program has other features such as adjusting the screen brightness, downloading files from the Internet, uploading files, and و, and we recommend it to all people who are looking for a powerful PDF reader program. Join us to download the latest and latest original version of this program from OyunTakip