Fortnite 15.00.1-14869341 – the popular action-survival game “Fortnite” Android! Download

Fortnite Battle Royale – Fortnite is one of the most popular, familiar and beautiful survival and action style games from Epic Games Studio (Epic Games, Inc.), which was originally released for home consoles and now we are seeing the release of its Android version. As always, we have decided to introduce it to you in a special way as soon as possible and to delight you fans of survival style games! Fortnite style of play is exactly like its bigger brother PUBGIs where you play the role of a character who make up a group of 100 people and on an island you alone must survive! With the wide range of weapons you get, you can defend yourself, use different vehicles to move, take shelter in different houses and places, and by doing different things, just try to survive and be the last person. That survives! If you are a fan and survivor of survival style games, Fortnite will undoubtedly attract your attention in all respects and is worth a try! If we want to bring together the most popular and popular Battle Royale style games in one sentence, we can mention 4 games: PubJie Mobile, Callao Duty Mobile, Fortnite and FreeFire! From the point of view of gamers and critics of these games, Pabji and Kalaw are superior to the other two titles in terms of a series of optimizations, gameplay and construction, but if you have an updated, powerful and excellent device, we suggest that you play Fortnite. Do not miss, this game is made for great performance on powerful devices, and if your device does not have enough power, it is impossible to see the ultimate graphics and optimality. In short, the three games Pabji Mobile and Kalaw Duty Mobile and Fortnite and finally Free Fire are on the same level in terms of gameplay, and it is you who should test and check them and see which one you really like ?!

Fortnite game can be considered as one of the best Battle Grand style games that has been released for different operating systems, and we have released the Android version of it in Farsroid for download! Highlights of this lovely game include stunning HD graphics, great sound, unique build and.. In this game, like other similar games, you are able to play with your friends in Iran or anywhere in the world. All you have to do is have a powerful Android device and want this game; After installing it and receiving a lot of heavy data, you will bring a different experience of Battle Royale style games on your Android phone.

Before downloading Fortnite, note that:

1- Fortnite game is online and offline
2- Unfortunately, Fortnite game is not available for four regions of Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Sudan according to US laws, and if you are inside the country, you must use a filter breaker to connect to the game.
3 – After installing and running the game, you must create an account from within the game and special pages to be able to enter the game environment [It is also possible to enter the home console account information]
4 – This game is only for the device Powerful and flagship phones designed and built with ARM64 (64-bit) processor [Use CPU to understand your device’s processor]
5 – Our test on Huawei Mate 10If you do not have a flagship device, do not waste your time on this game and go for mobile pubs or similar games!
6 – Game data has a volume of 1 to 7 gigs, which is received in the initial run without any problems suitable for your device.
7 – We have introduced this game only at your request, dear ones – you are responsible for running it
8 – From sending comments “Is it on my phone?” “Doesn’t it come on my phone?” And داری Avoid – before you download the game, you install the EPIC GAMES software in the download box and after the run, give it a scan command. If the game is compatible with your device, the screen will turn golden – if compatible Otherwise, it will be a gray color that you have to play!



Fortnite Download

Fortnite Download

Fortnite Download

Fortnite Download

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