FlashDog – GFX Tool for PUBG 2.6.7 – Pabji Android game graphics change and optimization application The original and complete version of the program dedicated to you dear ones and OyunTakip

FlashDog – GFX Tool for PUBGTitle is a dedicated application for improving and making graphic changes in the PubJi game, which was developed by FlashDog and published on Google Play. Patchi is one of the most popular Battle Royale games on various operating systems. Contrary to expectations, after the release of the mobile version of this unique game, it was seen that the game’s graphics are very high and even in some cases it is equal to the console versions! For this reason, many users who used mid-range or even economy phones could not run PubJi with good quality. To solve this problem, the Pabji game company developed a light version after a while. In the light version of the game, Pabji Graphics was greatly optimized for low-end phones on the market, which you could fully feel by examining the amount of downloaded data. Although this version allowed many users to experience the gameplay of this wonderful game, but still faced problems such as a lot of logs. With this in mind, many developers have released a variety of tools; A tool that each of them somehow optimized the game. One of the best of these tools is FlashDog – GFX Tool for PUBG. Undoubtedly, FlashDog – GFX Tool for PUBG is one of the best options for fansPubJie is mobile as the developer has stated that its users can experience a 60fps frame rate!

FlashDog – GFX Tool for PUBG The best option for improving PubG Mobile fps

As mentioned at the beginning of the description, one of the best options for optimizing fps in Pabji Mobile is to use FlashDog software – GFX Tool for PUBG; The developer hopes that its users will be able to experience a frame rate of 60fps. The set of settings that users will be able to make changes to is divided into two parts: CPU settings and GPU settings, making changes in each of them in a specific way affects the speed and execution. Although the developer himself has stated that novice users should use the CPU-based settings change, you can still make any changes to the GPU. In addition, a set of default settings is provided to the user that you only need one hint to activate each.

Flash Dog is the best pub game booster

So far, we have learned how FlashDog – GFX Tool for PUBG works and mentioned that you can use it to make changes in the graphic part of the game. But the point that catches our attention is the built-in game booster to meet the needs of users for other peripherals. The built-in game booster of this software helps you, dear ones, to stop any unnecessary processing in the background while running the Pabji Mobile game, and to allocate more resources to this popular Battle Royale. Many game boosters usually have problems with online games, and after using them, the game does not run properly, but Flash Dog is fully optimized for this issue.

Find the best Loot Pabji Mobile area on the map

As you know, one of the main principles of winning a pub game is landing at the most appropriate point of the game. If you can find the best place to land, you will quickly collect Avir Loot and destroy other users. To identify such points, gamers typically rely on their experience, but FlashDog helps you to identify the best areas on the map without any experience and land right there. For this purpose, Flash Dog uses optimal internal coding to prevent any blocking of Pabji Mobile game users.

Some features and capabilities of FlashDog – GFX Tool for PUBG Android application:

  • Optimize the graphic settings of the Pabji Mobile game
  • Make changes to the shadows and the Anti-aliasing system to further improve the gameplay
  • Divide the settings into two categories: CPU-based change and GPU-based change
  • Internal game booster to allocate more resources to Pabji Mobile game
  • Convenient option to run the game at a 60fps frame rate!
  • Find the best loot areas on the map
  • Supports all versions of Pabji (Global, CN, LITE, KR, VN, TW, BETA)
  • Create a custom crosshair

Application FlashDog – GFX Tool for PUBG to take advantage of the features and functionality of a variety of game enthusiasts Pabjy Mobile has millions of download ratings of 4.2 out of 5.0 by users receive can now use the newest version of the original and complete Get it from the fast servers of OyunTakip website in Iran.