Family Hotel v2.8 + Mod – Attractive and fantasy management game “Family Hotel” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money) individually
tested with offline execution

Family Hotel – Family Hotel is another management and entertainment game from the category of puzzle and jigsaw games, which has been released for free by the Russian studio PlayFlock for the Android operating system, and at the same time, Farsroid is the first Iranian website The final version has been prepared along with its modded version and has been prepared for free download for you dear friends. We have already introduced many other games from PlayFlock Studio to you dear ones, such as Holy TD: Epic Tower Defense , Castaway Fortnight , Garden Pets and Indy Cat Match 3They are among them. To download each one, you can click on their name and refer to the special page for each one. Family Hotel is a puzzle, fantasy, and creative title of a management and entertainment game that has been made available to the audience on Google Play under the full name Family Hotel: Renovation & love story match-3 game. In this game, just like any other similar game, you have to follow the game process in two main parts. The first part is the puzzle part, in which you have the task to complete the Match-3 triple puzzles and puzzles, which are composed of different colorful items and earn money by going through these steps. The second part is the attractive and decoration part, in which you have to buy the necessary equipment with the help of the money earned, and then renovate and renovate a hotel with the purchased equipment and turn it into a beautiful and attractive hotel!

In Family Hotel: Renovation & love story match-3 game with many characters in it, you are in the role of the two main characters, Emily and Max, who decide to renovate their family’s old family hotel and return it to its old heyday. There is a lot of work to be done to return this hotel to its heyday. This place has been deserted for a long time and this hotel is very ruined! To rebuild it requires special skills and forces. You are going to rebuild this hotel from the beginning in the role of a real decoration designer, and by replacing the old broken furniture with new and functional furniture, you can gradually make this hotel usable. There are many characters in Family Hotel: Renovation & love story match-3 game and the game’s romantic storyline is also interesting and remarkable. Each character has its own characteristics and adventures that you can follow these stories in this game. You can even do sub-scoring missions in this game. Interesting features of this game can flourish the talent of players in their creativity and design arts. There are hundreds of different items in this game that you can use to decorate and decorate the decoration of this hotel according to your taste. Family hotel game with 500 thousand downloads on Google PlayThe score is 4.5 out of 5.0 and you can get the latest update right now with its modded version from Oyuntakip.